The No Job, No Car Blog

Although I have shut this blog down, it is operational until the 17th of February. I still encourage anyone, all FIVE of you, or however many kind souls read this, to follow me to:


It may look pathetic, but it is functional. In fact, I will duplicate post there just to, I don’t know, get some traffic. I want to put my patterns up, as well, so I can get them on Ravelry as free patterns. I have a new pattern I am trying to finish that I’d like to sell. EVERY PENNY COUNTS!!! And it is quite beautiful – A top down bedjacket made with Artyarns 5-ply Cashmere and Beaded Cashmere – now there’s something I won’t be buying anymore!- that I’m naming “Countess Olenska.” Ask me why and I’ll tell you!

Kids, I have been “laid off” as of yesterday, I have no car, and times are tough. I will hopefully be collecting unemployment, “living on the dole” as they say in the U.K., but we cannot survive in a one paycheck household. Jobhunting, it is tough with no car! And I certainly don’t want prospective employers to know! I will be borrowing my husband’s car during the day after dropping him off to work when possible. That is all I know right now. Obviously I am spending way too much time on the computer. Today is for polishing the resume even more. I got my first rejection letter today. Huzzah.

Friends, please refrain from putting any negative comments about my former employment in the comments area. If you wish to e-mail me privately, I welcome it. I’m trying to take the high road here, because that’s how I roll, even in tough times, and I believe in karma – even when I get bad karma, I try to put good karma back out there. It’s the Zen way, it’s the Christian way, it’s the Judeo way, however you may choose to look at it. I am done crying. I have to move on. The yarn biz was what it was – a pit stop on the road of my life. I can say I think I am well and truly done with it, though. In fact, I have to work very hard right now to keep my love of knitting going. It’s going to be tough, but I will try. I don’t want something I love to be ruined by an unpleasant experience.

Hit me up, anytime. I’m Tangodiva on Ravelry. You have the new blog. I’m on the Facebook and the Linked In. You know where to find me. This homestead is here until Feb. 17th. Mmkay?


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  1. Gina · February 3, 2009

    Hello and welcome to the free corner of the blog world.

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