Please sir, may I have another?

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Even though I told my husband not to get me anything, he did anyway. What can we say: I can’t resist a pink lion that squeals when you pull his tail.
twokittiesNow if we could just do something with the one on the left. He keeps pooping outside his box! If anyone has any tips on this egregious problem, please share.

Seriously, when you start analyzing your cat’s turds, you know you’ve been stuck at home without a job too damned long.

(yes, I have applied for jobs today. I have to, or the unemployment fairy will get me).

In other news, there is none. Really. I’m knitting, trying to get inspired on what to do with life. Need to improve the Etsy store. Am working on a commissioned project for a vintage clothes dealer in Miami. It’s just a little project – arm warmers and a cowl. Not a lot of money, but any is good. Need to watch the Oliver Twist I TiVoed on PBS last night.

And I picked up the oldest UFO around here, a Chevron Scarf for my friend Amy I started almost three years ago. I said THREE. I am now officially halfway done.
chevronPerhaps tomorrow I will pick a pocket or two.


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