So I’ve been thinking. Now that I’ve already done Jeopardy!, what are some other game shows I could do for some quick cash?

1) Project Runway: Well, it’s in litigation hell, I’d knife a bitch like Kenley, and frankly, my sewing skills are week compared to the hook and needle skills.
2) Biggest Loser: Not nearly fat enough.
3) Deal or No Deal: I’ll only play Vas e no Vas. And I don’t understand Game Theory at all.
4) Now there’s always Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. I’ve considered it for years. But I just checked and the auditions for season 7 are over.
And besides. I’ll only do it if this guy hosts:
I guess I’ll just keep applying for jobs, praying for interviews, silently going insane in this apartment, and consider selling my plasma.

It’s a plan, people.


One comment

  1. Bonnie · February 23, 2009

    Wheel of Fortune? 😉

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