Not quite desperate housewife

In the new world order here in desperate housewife land, I blog almost everyday. May my loss (of job and car) be your blessing. It is written!

I am almost finished with the commissioned project I am working on for a vintage store in Miami. My partner at Dreads and Curls, the one with dreads – Miss Marce β€” passed it along to me. It is the most basic of cowls and fingerless long gloves in deep purple. Not loving my thumb gusset, I opted for a crocheted opening that I quite like better. Pictures tomorrow. And fyi – who knew Patons Classic Merino was so lovely to work with? Now, I’m no yarn snob (have you SEEN the amount of Cotton Ease exploding in my closet?) but I had never tried this. I quite like its snap.

Being a desperate housewife, I find time to view the Fall 2009 fashion collections sashaying and shontaying down the runway. Why Diane Von Furstenberg, pray tell, are you giving us a pom pom winter?pom2
Perhaps I should make some new hats for the store, stat.

But really, just as soon as I figure out how to copy this sherpa’s nightmare with some grappling hooks from Target, my husband’s old belts and the mass of red yarn I bought BEFORE I LOST MY JOB, I sense a cash flow in my future:purse4
Oh sweet Jesus, bend me over, spank me and make me puke a hairball. Did you know women used to come into the yarn barn with ripped out pictures like these from magazines and ask us to deconstruct the pattern? Not anymore, ladies. Mind rape will cost you!

Hey! In great news, I’m going to a free WordPress conference with my hunny on Sunday (free lunch voucher, too!) so I can get some edumacation and maybe network.

I also got some coupons for free food at Chick Fil A today, so I can eat a while longer!

And in really good news, since I’ve been unemployed, my allergies have all but cleared up and so have my migraines. I haven’t needed to take either of my two allergy medications in almost two weeks. And that’s money saved. So it just goes to show you what NOT working in the storage shed of a dusty yarn barn will do for your lungs and nasal passages.

PSST: I figured out how to upload music to this here place today β€” why not listen to two of my favorite all time tunes on the sidebar, dedicated to the one I loathe? You know who you are, sweetheart.

Pom poms for everyone!


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