Going for the pink

Whoosh….I feel like a hairball Ringo coughed up today, but I want to write, so this will be short and sweetish.

First, I want to thank everyone who’s come here from Ravelry, and those who have hearted my crochet beret pattern. Thank you thank you! If anyone has questions, you can always convo me. I’d thank the little people, but I am the little people.

Next, I will comment briefly on the Oscars, if I can prevent myself from entering a coma state, as I did last night. La, but the dresses were dull, the winners were dull and with the exception of The Duchess winning best costume design, I found little to cheer about. I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for some brocade and panniers. And Ralph Fiennes acting like a Georgian turd. I am such a sucker for that.

When I go for my favorite dresses, it’s either about color and texture, or the burning question: Could I manage to wear this? So this year’s winner for me, hands down, was the regal Viola Davis.
84804016TM131_81st_Annual_ANow that is the way to hoist the girls with class. Salut!

And though I’m no Penelope Cruz fan, I would be churlish if I didn’t comment on the gorgeous detail on her Balmain gown. I would have liked a color better, but we can’t always get what we want.84804016TM214_81st_Annual_A
Really, that was about it for me sitting up and paying attention. I found the coronation of La Winslet a bit overdone, but then, I liked her better back in 1996, when she wore MY FAVORITE OSCAR GOWN OF ALL TIME. I finally found a picture of it today, and all I can saw is Vivienne Westwood + corseting x pink = swoon.

I’ll post tomorrow, and have some fun things to talk about. But I have a date with some taco sauce and Motrin, so please excuse me whilst I take a break.



  1. Bonnie · February 24, 2009

    And what of our dear Tilda? Frankly,
    i found her outfit tame and therefore disappointing. You are Tilda damn it!

    • tanyadiva · February 24, 2009

      I agree, B-girl. She didn’t bring the alien crazy. I wanted the David Bowie full on androgyny. You are Tilda, please rowr!

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