I’d better call Tyrone

Today was one of those days where a lot was accomplished but it didn’t really feel like it. I’m in a rush because tomorrow I get to drain a little more of my money to get my hair done — but when you look like a white Erykah Badu with a vicious overgrown fro, it needs be done, y’all. I don’t need to be calling Tyrone.

In between the joys of mopping and dusting and laundry, I took some photos of new stuff to add to the Etsy shop. In fact, I even created a new design in about an hour this a.m. Thank you, chunky yarn.
Is that flower a little too much? No worries, it’s removable.
You have to love the instant gratification of a chunky yarn that’s almost like roving. And the flower is crocheted from a crunchy silk ribbon, not yarn at all, and attached with a pinback. I also like the twist of the oblique rib, both literally and metaphorically speaking.

I finished another pair of gauntlets over the weekend, but just got around to a photograph:
In other news, I did have a productive weekend — transportation, which I lack, and which my husband can provide in either chauffeur skills of the lending of his car, impact my productivity greatly. We attended BarKamp Miami on Sunday, which was a WordPress sponsored event with lots of half hour seminars on blogging, apps and sundry. I’d like to think it inspired me.

I also reconnected with an old work pal, Miss Gail, who currently blogs at Magpye. Check her out. We had an enjoyable time being interviewed by a University of Miami journalism student who was also an intern for Teen Vogue — my favorite magazine. Much gossip ensued. And Gail and I caught up and discussed such burning issues as the cutlet-like shape of Madonna’s thighs and and alarming popularity of Lady Whore Whore (or Lady CaCa) as we both individually refer to Lady GaGa.

These are things I cannot discuss adequately with my husband, I’m sure you understand.

Until tomorrow, when I may just chop it all off! (My hair, that is).



  1. Bonnie · February 27, 2009

    Be kind to Lady Ga Ga, after all it isn’t her fault that she is allergic to pants. 😉

  2. Gail · February 27, 2009

    Added you to my blogroll and your Etsy store is my first official Shopping link! Will be adding post soon showcasing your yummy “Whitney” creation.

    Did you ever hear from UM girl?

    • tanyadiva · February 28, 2009

      You’re awesome! I’ll add you, too!

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