Locke and Loki!

I can’t believe the week is almost over. Week five of unemployment — let’s hear it for week six, coming around the corner like a silver streak train!

I found an…interesting job on Craigslist I’m applying for. We shall, as ever, see. I’ve started selling my junque on Half.com and Craigslist, so holla for that first $16.00 check from the sale of my Scrubs season three DVD collection. Oh Zach Braff, what did I ever see in you? You, sirrah, are such a douche.

But for good TV shows, I have to say, this Wednesday’s episode of Lost was one of the best ever. Submit it to the Emmy committee producers, and finally win your well-deserved prize! You see, I have never missed an episode of Lost. I find that kind of hard to believe, but it’s true. And I gave up long ago trying to figure out I watch this show consistently because I hate Jack so much (Nicole, you are missed from the blogosphere for your spot-on commentary — thanks to you, we still call him Mayor McCheese around these parts!) or because I love this guy so much: john

Yes, I am a diehard Locke fan, and when Terry O’Quinn won his richly deserved Emmy a few years back (in his shiny pink shirt, to boot!) I stood up and danced on the couch. Maybe it will finally be Michael Emerson’s turn this year, playing the Satan to his Job. I gave up long ago reading all the theories, the spoilers, the explanations for this show. For me, it’s almost biblical in its story, and John Locke is Job, tested again and again. Making the same mistakes, trusting people and getting burned for that trust. In the end, don’t we all do the same? If you believe in something or someone, you inevitably get hurt. That’s what happens to people like Locke. And that’s why watching this man get hurt again and again breaks my heart each week, and I keep on watching. This is the perfect synthesis of a great actor and part. Locke is the soul of Lost. Jack, he’s the buzzing fly I swat off my neck. Gah! I hate him.

Moving on! I baked muffins yesterday. I offered them to the super for fixing the closet light, but he kindly refused. He’s rather stoic. mufin

Now I’ve never been one of those girls to put pictures of food into her blog posts, but that could change. My orange honey muffins are prettty fucking awesome. It’s a modified recipe from Welcome to the Knit Cafe. I use whole wheat flour and Turbando sugar. Recipe available upon request!

Finally, I saw something on Etsy (where no one buys my shit, but I did put a vintage necklace up for sale yesterday, so there’s hope) that warmed my heart: The necklace Mickey Rourke wore on Sunday night — the one with his dead dog Loki’s picture — was custom make by and Etsy seller! Here’s the article, if you’re interested. The seller makes it clear that she will custom make YOU a necklace, just not one with Loki. Of course. And also interesting: Her sales were pretty small until this article went up, now they’re climbing! I myself would like a necklace of Sean Penn RETURNING the Oscar he stole from Mickey. But hey, that’s just me. Ram Jam!


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