Shop update: Photo shoot – who do I think I am, Ansel Adams?!

I spent this morning playing with my camera after reading an Etsy tutorial on taking better pictures by using the EV and white balance. It’s funny how you have your digital camera and never really take the time to utilize all the things it’s capable of doing. I’m guilty! I call it “read the freakin’ manual, dummy.” That’s how I used to be the only person who could fix the printer when I was managing a store two years ago. Read the manual, dummy.

Although I haven’t put the final FINAL touches on these yet, I wanted to share before I put them in the Etsy store. I’m on a headband kick, obviously. I’ve really tried to make each one different. And the overcast day didn’t help me lighting-wise:
Sorry, I should have posted notes about all of them as I went along, but I took a latte break. Yes, in the spirit of saving money, I made it myself. I haven’t been to Starbucks but once since the grand “laying off,” and I feel good about that. My Starbucks habit was a money sucker, and I have a dinky cappuccino maker my Aunt sent me for Christmas about five years ago that is usable. It is my lifeblood now.

Anway, the merlot headband is from Baby Alpaca Grande, and just a simple knit 2 purl 2 rib with stockinette between. I opted to do two crocheted flowers, and put them both on pinbacks, so if anyone buys this (PLEASE!) they can have options — with one, the other, or without. I think that’s a bonus.

The black is also Baby Alpaca Grande, but the tweedy version. I did a basketweave rib, and added a Czech glass button with a dragonfly. I opted to sew this one on.

By this time, I was over the Baby Alpaca Grande, because: newsflash: I am allergic to alpaca, unless it is cut with something like silk. My analogy used to be: you don’t want to do pure cocaine, you need to cut it with baby laxative, right? Thus it is with alpaca, pour moi. Sorry, but that’s how I roll.

Finally, I used one precious hank of Malabrigo Silky Merino in Topaz for the golden headband and did a supple rib, which is kind of a pain but yields a lovely result. I added a pin I thrifted at Goodwill. Granted, it’s missing one stone, but I think that adds to the shabby chic feel of the piece.

And there you have it. I’m off to Picnik to work on the background contrast and hope someone buys these beauties. I am a bit tired of all the headbanding. I yearn to make something for myself, but don’t know if that will happen anytime soon. It’s not like I’m running out of yarn or anything…

La, but I need to do something edifying. Besides applying for a job, I mean. I did that today! I mean I need to stop watching crap on the telly. Yesterday, out of pure entropy, I kept the TV going while a Rush concert was on VH1 Classic. Me, who hates Rush more than hives, herpes and Brussels sprouts all rolled in to one. I mean, that was ALL the guys in high school would listen to! Mean Tom Sawyer – oh put a fucking sock in it, Geddy Lee! Not all things from Canada are good, I’m sorry I said that, Jeffrey Buttle!

Can I just say I miss putting makeup on everyday? The neighbors knocked on the door today to see if I “heard” some commotion out in the hall at one a.m. last night, and boy, but didn’t I feel pretty in a naked face?

Sephora, I miss you.


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