Thank you for the money, Jeremy Northam

It’s been a boring week here at Chez Unemployment, but I have to give a shout-out to, which continues to enrich my shrinking bank account. This week I sold four DVDs, including a double Jeremy Northam special to someone in Kentucky. Here was my listing for Emma:

“I love Jeremy Northam. I hate Gwyneth Paltrow. Thus, this movie can be yours.”

Obviously, I am getting more creative with my listings. Although it is a shame to release Mr. Knightley from my fold, I can rest safe in the knowledge that he is apparently cast with Richard Coyle from Coupling fame in a CBS pilot called Miami Trauma. My head might explode if that gets greenlit.

Today honey and I are going to a baseball game, and tomorrow we will see The Watchmen. Honey goes for the fanboy-nation love, I go for the Jackie Earle Haley. We all have our something. Sunday is a barbecue. So the weekend will be eventful. I’ve had it with uneventful.

I can’t say I’m exactly getting depressed as I turn the corner into week eight of unemployment, but the inertia is creeping in a most alarming way. I long for a sense of purpose and motivation, and simply don’t know where to find it. I think that’s a little too maudlin, so I will stop there. I should have some new knits to show off next week.

As for inspiration Friday, I saw this picture of Sofia Coppola and her baby this week, and found it charming. Now if she’d just make a damned movie again! Maybe something along these lines is in my future? I don’t know. The world is funny…I just need to find my place in it.


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