Simple Pleasures

I haven’t much new to report here from the velvet cage, except I got my hair did today and feel human for the first time in weeks. I am almost done with the designing part of my secret project, and am delighted to have turned the page on that. Especially since it’s due by the end of May and I have some patterns due for a book proposal in early June.

Last weekend, I was very depressed, and found pleasure in making something very simple for the store (not listed just yet). One of my crocheted berets, this time with a sweet floral embellishment.
Nothing fancy, just a little Blue Sky Alpaca Skinny Cotton in chocolate brown. This has to be one of my favorite yarns EVAH to work with, so smooth and fine. I had two skeins of the brown left over from an abandoned project, and the hat took but one. Not sure if I’ll make a second hat or just fool around with the second skein and keep it for myself.

Pleasures in the velvet cage come few and far between. There’s not much to view from the balcony but Bad Mommy, one of my psycho neighbors, and her eight-year-old son. Last week, as I sat on the balcony, talking on the phone, the little tyke humped one of the parking lot pylons and then proceeded to lick it while Bad Mommy bent over in her hoochie-fied Lilly Pulitzer skirt and berated someone on HER phone. Tonight, I watched as the poor tyke begged her to let him inside to use the potty, and she ignored him to…you guessed it, yack on the cell phone.

We’re all lucky the kid didn’t leave a puddle in the parking lot.

So I find my pleasures elsewhere. Like in excessive television watching. What, you have a problem with that? I can’t help it that I watch American Idol like a brain-dead prairie dog on meth. I can’t stop! And I can’t help it that I hate, loathe and detest Danny Gokey almost as much as I do Gwyneth Paltrow. Why, he absolutely makes my skin itch! UGH!

So you can imagine my joy, my sheer exploding orgasmic response, when he got kicked off this week! I grabbed my husband, and we danced! In the living room! I did an endzone shuffle. I raised my hands to God. I got on my knees and thanked Jesus.

And then, I sang this.

Oh happy day, indeed.


One comment

  1. Bonnie · May 23, 2009

    I am buying this hat or one like it. Seriously, I am crazy in love……..let’s talke…..seriously. I need one for my upcoming trip to New York in December.

    OMG! What if it matched my new awesome shoes?

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