The week that was

It’s been hard forcing myself to put butt in chair and write this week. For all who sent sympathies for the funeral — thank you. It went as well as can be expected, the family handled it well, and I think that’s the best you can say in those circumstances. It was weird going back to my old school/church, which is where the services were held. Looked exactly the same, except for the chapel, which had been slightly refurbished, but I had seen that about 15 years ago. My Mom and Dad hadn’t, and I think it was weirder for my mom. Seeing people you grew up with and don’t remember — that’s just plain surreal.

We head to Miami tomorrow for a huge comics convention, which is where Bruce Campbell will be, so wish us luck. We do have press passes, and I’ll just walk up to someone if I have nothing to lose, so who knows. There’s also one of the dudes from Twilight there, but since I maintain that Twilight is a book/movie for menstruating girls and boys with vaginas, I will keep on walking. Please don’t ask me what movies and movie/TV stars have to do with comics and manga, I’m just there for the par-tay.

Picture time!
grey 2
These are not the greatest snaps; the weather’s been bad all week so it’s hard to get good light. But I wanted to show one of the designs I did for the book proposal I have to send off by next Friday. I don’t feel like sharing it on Ravelry yet, but since I don’t get a lot of hits here, I figured why not. I’m not worried anyone’s going to rip me off.

It’s two kinds of cables (one for the body, one for the collar), and the collar isn’t tucked quite right in the photo — I also won’t fasten it with the pin, but either a ribbon or some chain. I’m still playing with ideas. Any feedback is appreciated. Believe me, this is not something I would ever wear in this weather, but it came out the way I envisioned it, so I’m happy.

Not much else going on; I just got done chilling while working some finishing on another proposal piece and watching The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie on one of the cable channels. Please holla if you have seen this Maggie Smith film from the 1960s or read the Muriel Spark novel on which is based. I had to read it for a huge paper in college, and of course knew that Dame Mags won a best actress Oscar for the role. I said to Jon, “I think, over the past 22 working years of my life, both at the paper and the yarn store, there is ONE person I knew who would have known of this movie or book.” And that was my old marketing department head. I didn’t like her, but she did once tell me (during my first interview with the dept., when I didn’t get the job) that she had done her thesis in graduate school on Under the Volcano, and I said, “Oh, you like Malcolm Lowry?”

You could have knocked her over with a feather. Ah, the joys of being an English major. We’ll never get a decent job, but we know our arcane book trivia!

Unless it’s about Twilight.

Look, I’ll leave you with a little story in light of the fact that TNNA is next week, and I ain’t going this year, obviously. Last year, I stood in the Vogue Knitting booth, with my former boss, all the young editrixes and assistants and a very famous designer promoting her new book. All very sweet and kind, don’t get me wrong. But I was admiring one of the designer’s sweaters, and I commented it had a very Edwardian look, and reminded me of A Room With a View (there I go again with the Maggie Smith allusions).

And then the crickets started. “What?” “Huh?”
I tried explaining, “You know, the movie? With Helena Bonham Carter? Set in Italy? Daniel Day Lewis was in it, too?”

More crickets. I didn’t even bother saying “You remember, based on a book by E.M. Forster.” The crickets had gotten too loud.

And by the way, the former boss told me I shouldn’t have said anything — I was being “uppity.”

Have a great weekend!



  1. Toni · June 6, 2009

    I have seen bits of The Prime of Miss Jane Brody and it never caught my attention so I’ve never seen all of it. Room With a View was one of my favorite movies when I was a teenager. I thought Helena Bonham Carters hair was cool. I figure that since I wasted a bunch of my brain cells reading Anne Rice books in my early twenties, I get a pass and do not have to read the Twilight books now. As for the cape I think a lovely chunky hand made shawl pin would look lovely. Have fun at the Con, a couple of years ago we went to the one in San Diego, and I made my husband wade through all of nerdy, smelly humanity so I could get Berkley Brethed’s autograph. I was such a dork all I could do was stare at him while he signed my book, while my husband chatted him up. Highlight of my weekend.

  2. Gina · June 7, 2009

    You are SO uppity for knowing English Literature! Oh please… There are precisely the c-rags who are voting Kristen Stewart for Best Actress over Kate Winslet. I’d rather be “uppity” than slogging in the depths of their mental murkiness.

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