Three is the magic number

Yes it is…
Sent all my proposals off to the publisher on Friday, and breathed a sigh of relief. I’ll hear back by June 26th if it’s a yeah or nay, so fingers crossed. Here’s the final, 11th hour project:
orange collar

This is two strands of Habu Cotton Gima held together, with some Hannah Silk Ribbon threaded through the grand eyelets. I’m not sure this is a winner or just an 11th hour contingency plan to get as many projects as possible sent, because frankly, I think the grey capelet is the winner. But I had ordered what I thought was pure white Cotton Gima from The Websters, and they sent me PURPLE. So I had to send it back, told them I wanted pure white, and they sent me NATURAL.

So I used some pay pal money and a coupon for 10% off and got some orange from kpixie, and you see the result. As I promised, the face is cropped to protect the guilty.

What else…I am exhausted. Completely and utterly spent. My husband has been on “Staycation” with me all week, and though I will miss him dreadfully here in the velvet cage when he goes back to work, I think next time we better scrimp and save and go somewhere, anywhere and get the fudge out of this stinking town. He has been hounded by work the whole time, and he’s too nice not to pick up the phone. Plus, the heat has been obscene. I hate summer of all the seasons most.

And Friday, I got another case of food poisoning/Satan in my belly/whatever! and literally puked my guts out all night. What is the deal? I haven’t puked twice in a year in God knows how long.

Here’s some food (not for puking!) for thought: Two articles this week about Etsy. One was on the Double X site, and one was a rebuttal on Jezebel.
On the Etsy Shops thread at Ravelry, we’ve been discussing, and I have some definite opinions. Read for yourself.

I find the Double X piece poorly researched and written with a definite agenda. All Etsy crafters are not “womyn” at home with tiny tots. Just because I craft and have a uterus, please don’t make that sweeping assumption. However, it is true that selling is hard, and the elusive “quitting your day job” — or in my case, being told to “get the fuck out” of your day job, is a fantasy that will seldom happen. Unless you have the know-how to market yourself properly.

That being said, my partner and I made two sales this weekend, and I’m listing a bunch more stuff next week. Mostly vintage clothing and jewelry. And for the first time, I’m going to dip my toe in some advertising, see if it gets our shop more views. It wouldn’t hurt.

I’ve been feeling a bit blue this weekend, b/c TNNA is going on, and I’m not there. Missing a lot of the great people I met last year. But you know, the nice part is knowing I won’t be forced to do some things I had to do last year, like — oh, say STEALING soap and shampoo samples from the maid’s cart in the hotel for my millionaire boss who is too cheap to buy X-Mas presents for her friends and family.

Why me, you ask? Because I carry a purse — “Put them in your purse!” I gently demurred, but one could only hold out so long to the creature signing your paycheck. And we wonder why millionaires are able to get so rich….

See you next week!


One comment

  1. Gina · June 19, 2009

    I hope you are feeling better by now! I love the patterns you’ve been working on. You’ve got a thing for neck covers — too much vampire stuff?

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