The owl, the news, and Paolo

I’ve e-mailed all the three kind people (I’m pretty sure it’s down from the former five) who read this blog, but it’s official: I got the confirmation from Lark Publishing yesterday, that I will have a real pattern published in a real book next year. With my name and bio and everything!

It’s the grey capelet, which I was pretty sure would be the winner. I’m not sure it will get to keep its name (Weather Storm) but frankly, they can call it “Grey Blobby” if I get paid and my name in print.

I supposed I should have felt happier or more joyful than I did, and I did, believe me. But I didn’t have many people to share my news with. When I called my parents, my dad, upon hearing I had “good news,” asked if that meant I’d found a job. So that kind of took the wind out of my sails. And I guess because I’m not around many knitting folks anymore, due to my forced “retirement” or whatever you want to call it, I just couldn’t share the news like I would have. I have lost touch with all those people, and I think it’s for the best. But I guess I should be happy, feel a sense of accomplishment, and move forward. As always, now I have to write the damned thing up. It won’t be as hard as the sock, that’s for sure. Thank GOD for tech editors. I never knew there could be such a joyous thing! And frankly, I just futzed around and made this up while watching A LOT of Florida Marlins baseball one weekend. Maybe I should tell them to call it “Ground Rule Double.”

Moving on.

I’m going up to my folks tomorrow for the weekend to help my mom clean out some drawers and closets, because she incapable of throwing anything out. I, however, am not. I am going through years of costume jewelry of hers and other (dead) relatives and selling it on Etsy. Why, just two days ago this little fellow went off to a “disco party” in New York. I shit you not:
Hooty Who belonged to my great Aunt Edie, who had a passel of feral cats and a shotgun behind the guest bed in her trailer where she lived. I’m not quite sure I can imagine her at a “disco party” in NYC, but there it is.

I’m also very excited that SOMEONE I finally like is deigning to do a concert down in this neck of the woods. In August, Scottish beanpole Paolo Nutini is coming, and I’m a going.
Swoon. All those rolling “Rs,” memories of classic Faces’ tunes – yeah, I’ll put my “New Shoes” on and be singing until the “Last Request.” I love this guy!

BTW, we did go and see Away We Go on Sunday, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I am married to the doppleganger of John Krasinski’s character, Burt, in that movie. Beard, gooffiness and all. It’s the truth, folks.

Again, I don’t know why I’m not jumping for joy about my good news, I really AM happy. I’ve just had such a weird year, and I really need to make some cheddar. But if I’m being honest, I guess it is a little validation that I’m a good knitter, and have a decent creative vision. Does this mean I’m all growed up? That I can play with the big girls now?

You know, I always wanted to be published. I guess, in a way, my dream is finally coming true.



  1. Bonnie · June 24, 2009

    We’ll celebrate when I come to Florida the first week of September. We are going to do a little shopping, see Depeche Mode and meet up for a cocktail to toast your most recent success.


  2. Gina · June 24, 2009

    You can play with the big girls. In fact, I think the so-called big girls should be wondering if they’re cool enough to play with you! You rock, my dear. Don’t forget it.

  3. Gail · June 30, 2009

    Congrats on getting your pattern published!

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