Quick and dirty

What we need is more quick and dirty blog posts. I am lacking energy, due to severe migraines brought on by daily thunderstorms this week, and creeping panic over a lack of job. I don’t want to depress anyone; I’m depressed enough myself. Onward with a few things:

A few more hats made this week, a shop update coming soon. Won’t someone, anyone, buy my tiny hats? Maybe at the show in October…
On the pink one, the flower is, as usual, removable, and on the tan one, the pin is a vintage 1928 brand brooch. I have even more vintage pins I’ll be incorporating on upcoming hats and some collars I haven’t photographed yet.

I’m just trying to crank out as much as I can before next week, when I re-knit the capelet to get that off in the mail. Also picked up more vintage jewelry, some vintage cameras and ephemera (1970s Vera scarves, for example) to put in the shop. And these two guys – seriously, someone might want them. Owls seem popular.

Last weekend was the Glastonbury festival, and I would have given my left tit to see the Blur reunion. So I guess I’ll just have to be content with crappy You Tube videos and photos, like this one of my darling Graham Coxon. Serioulsy, my first “novel,” which sits buried on my hard drive, has a main character based on him. That’s how much I feel about you bay-bee…
glastonbury 2 290609

Tomorrow Jon and I go visit some friends for a BBQ, and then we’ll go to an evening viewing of Anvil. I’m hoping this “feel good” story will cheer me up.

Been doing some reading, too, and that means I keep pulling books out of my bag I either bought or got at the used store, oh, five years ago. My reading drought is officially over, but it’s weird reading books that are a little dated. Currently it’s Eliot’s Banana, and good grief, this one is from 1998. I hadn’t even been on Jeopardy in 1998. I don’t know what I was doing in 1998. Probably still listening to the Chemical Brothers and going to raves in Miami. Oh well – it’s weird how the whole “chick lit” genre has folded in on itself, and the used book stores are littered with the detritus. This one isn’t bad, though, and has a reincarnated cat as a character. I kind of like that.

Also spent all day yesterday finally watching all the supplemental material on my The Double Life of Veronique DVD. Hard to believe that movie is almost 20 years old. Hard to swallow the fact that Kieslowski is no longer with us. And so hard to swallow the fact that I had to put it up for sale at half.com today.

Next week I will be trying to sell my gold. Such is my life. What can one do? Have a lovely Fourth, and thanks for the kind words about my pattern, everyone.


One comment

  1. Gina · July 4, 2009

    I love the hats! I think the owls should sell. They’re still popular amongst the hipsterati!

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