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Okay, so it’s established that I have five lovelies who read this (I am counting my husband) so whatever, I don’t care, I am blogging into the ether and so be it.

Today was the Emmy nominations, and when you live in the Velvet Cage, well, you start to care about stuff like this again even when you say you won’t anymore, because really, what else is there but procrastinating on knitting deadlines (tomorrow, I swear!) doing laundry and applying for jobs whilst honing out the scammers?

I mean, what ELSE!?

And frankly, great art, which TV can sometimes be, makes me happy, so I am absolutely THRILLED that:

1) Breaking Bad, my favoritest, darkest show (sorry, Mad Men, I still loves ya’, but I love my meth show, and you’re both on AMC, so we can be friends, yes?!) scored big, and Aarol Paul picked up a supporting actor nod. He is the soul of this show, in my opinion, and makes my heart bleed each week as Jesse Pinkman.
Yo, seriously, (as Jesse would say), if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet, go ahead and rent the first season on DVD. You will thank me, if you can handle the dark. And I think you can.

CONFESSION: I have had to work with people all my life, when I was (cough) employed, who sat around the lunch hen party table going on ad infinitum about either Roseanne, or Two and a Half Men, or King of Queens, or any other insipid show you can name. If you are a fan, go ahead and throw cow patties at me. I hate that shiznit! Give me something I can sink my teeth into!!! I would rather cut off my ear and pour steaming fire ants, tabasco sauce and flaming bear poop into my ear canal than watch garbage.

2) Kristen! The lovely Lumay and I have gone on and on in e-mails about our Pushing Daisies lurve, and laws knows there are fan groups everywhere lamenting this dearly departed quirky show. But I’m not crying that the cancelled show didn’t get more love this year – I’m just delighted the delightful Kristen Chenoweth got another nomination.
Folks, I have been to a lot of concerts, but I count myself truly fortunate that I saw her a few years back at a small college hall down the road from where I live. Tiny room, tinier girl – she really is pocket sized. She was ill with the flu that night, but what a voice – sang an aria from Candide that could have broken glass, peeps. That’s a trouper. Oh, and she did it all in stripper heels. I miss the PD Fashion Extravaganza!

3) I will say amongst all the other folderol, because let’s face it, I look for the diamonds stuck in the pile of turd, I was sad to see no Jill Scott for The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I really enjoyed watching this show during the spring, my first few months of imprisonment in the Velvet Cage. I love Jill, her music, her acting, her beauty – just everything about her. It’s really telling there where no people of any color in the nominess, but that will take me down a “hate whitey” trail, and you reallly don’t want me to go there, because I so will, in a heartbeat.

True story part deux – I used to play both Jill’s albums at the yarn store hell – I think it really confused the yentas, but then frankly, a lot confused them. Like, oh, say, knitting. I am talking about womyn who used to bring baby diapers full of poop in the store for us to throw away. I think ya catch my drift.

Gotta go, hubby is bringing home dinner and it’s time to watch So You Think You Can Poop/I Mean Dance. Holla!

(Damn, ya’ll, I’m all about the pooh tonite!)



  1. Gina · July 17, 2009

    I’m saving my Breaking Bad rental for Pgh. I’ll need to watch dark comedy to counter the dark comedy I’ll be living. Is it just us that gets that — fighting darkness with darkness?

    I thought of you as soon as I saw the Kristen nomination. Let’s host a long distance Emmy Awards Party; we can call each other’s mobile phones to yammering during the commercial breaks!

    • tanyadiva · July 17, 2009

      Girl, I hear ya! Dark begets dark….

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