When you don’t post, no one comes…

Yes, I have been quasi-busy this week. And hey, my Rowan preview garnered more hits than a home run derby, even some translations to French. Mais oui!

I sent out my pattern to the publisher on Monday. I wrote my 250 word bio on Thursday. It came to a whopping 133 words. Such is my life. I did a lot of cleaning, and a little loafing (headaches). And I finished my migraine study for my neurologist (headaches). When the check comes, it’s going straight in the emergency savings fund. I don’t touch my money these days.

My partner and I have put some new lovelies in the shop, and I’ll spend the next two months preparing for Rock the Stitch 2009. Here are two new, original designs pour moi!

Honeycomb Cowl with vintage daisy pin

Honeycomb Cowl with vintage daisy pin

Butterfly Teal Capelet Collar with butterfly closure

Butterfly Teal Capelet Collar with butterfly closure

I hope they go over well on Etsy, and at the show. I truly enjoyed designing both of these “on the fly,” and will definitely make more, in alternate colors and fibers.

And I sold four hats in a week at the shop — including one to Australia and one to France. Go figure. Although our sales aren’t through the roof, there’s a part of me that is tickled by the fact that people halfway across the world will wear things I made. I genuinely hope they get joy from wearing them. And lots of compliments!

I’ve been scouring the Web for inspirations, and found this from Anthro. Not loving all the extra ruffles, but love the asymetric shape:

Hmm. Bears investigating....

Hmm. Bears investigating....

So that’s all from the velvet cage for tonight. I’m knackered. I spent today vacuuming, dusting the blinds and cleaning the baseboards. I want the apt. clean before I start knitting my fingers to the bone for the next two months!

I promise, some Ringo kitty pron coming soon – he got a new toy from Etsy for his birthday, and is crack-a-lackin from all the catnip.

And here’s a fun link for your perusal: A gallery in SoCal did a show of artwork inspired by cult films. Of course, the Rushmore stuff is my favorite. And as you can see from all the Lebowski art, the Dude abides.

Everyone have a White Russian this weekend!


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