The Ringo Crack Report

This week, I turn over a new leaf. More organization! Will I do computer stuff in the morning, or afternoon? I don’t know! Today, the morning!

Ringo celebrated a quasi-birthday in July. For July 2000 is when I got him. I don’t know when he was born exactly, but he was just a few weeks old when I did. Remember, he was found in a box, on the side of the road. Not, as is commonly reported, a van down by the river. That’s a damned LIE!

Regardless, I can say he is nine years young, and I celebrate his birthday in July. He’s a Leo, just like me! (Please don’t remind me my birthday is coming up. I just realized how old I will be yesterday, and I quickly crawled under the covers).

I got the little sucker a present from Etsy I’d been eyeing for a while, from seller HannaPT, one of the big guns who was featured in The Storque. The Catnip Kickin’ Stick, AKA, the crack bomb.
Here’s their photo:

Catnip Kickin' Stick, photo courtesty of HannaPT Etsy Shop

Catnip Kickin' Stick, photo courtesty of HannaPT Etsy Shop

And here’s what really happens:




If I can get the video camera up and running, I’ll shoot a film of what really goes down once his feet get going. I have to wonder how long this thing is going to last, he kicks it, gets the whole thing in his jaws, and generally abuses it until it’s nummied worse than a dog’s chew toy.

But my boy, he loves his crack.

In other news, we watched a great flick this weekend that we should have seen last fall, but I hate going to movie theatres so much (and yet, I’ve been going a lot this summer, and will be attending 500 Days of Summer with my best friend this week, because we luv the Joseph Gordon Levitt, AKA Ed Norton Jr.).

Let the Right One In is the Swedish vampire movie that kicks Twilight’s pansy ass to the curb. It’s not THAT gory, if you fear the gross stuff, but it is extremely twisted, and the cinematography is so beautiful, it will knock your socks off.
The one thing that had me puzzled throughout was that I thought it was set in modern times, but about 3/4 of the way through, I realized it was supposed to be the early 80s. That will tell you Swedish modern design really IS pretty damn modern.

Those damned Swedes and their IKEA!


One comment

  1. Gina · August 15, 2009

    Thanks for the vampire movie suggestion. Oh, and my childhood cat, was a demon for the catnip crack. He’d get the toy so mangled and slobbered up. Hilarious!

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