Let’s Get Lost

Watching Bruce Weber’s Chet Baker biopic as hubby came home tonight. Nothing like Baker drifting out of the speakers. Such a sad, depressing life, but such beautiful images and music….

Been a lost week here, migraines all week β€” we have a slight tropical depression bearing down, and that always does it. Hubby is gone now, off to attend/review a Dave Matthews Band concert. I politely declined, because I don’t care for DMB, and the thought of being surrounded by a bunch of dreadlocked white kids doing the hippie dance with the scent of cheeba in the air makes my head hurt more. Too many better concerts coming up β€” I’ll wait.

We need to go to the movies this weekend. Jon’s geek fanboy self wants to see District 9, and the word is good, but there’s this teeny-tiny part of me that is saying, “Do it. Go ahead. You are not a Nora Ephron fan, and there was that time Meryl Streep dissed your friend Kate’s husband at the Oscars, but you are leaning towards seeing Julie and Julia.”

And I think I will. Stanley Tucci plus Jane Lynch equals Hell Yeah.
My love for Ms. Lynch has been written of before: She comes, and she brings it. I’m hearing possible Oscar buzz this time. I will probably watch Glee this fall just for her sake.

Wishing everyone a great weekend, and hoping next week will be more productive pour moi. I’m going to finish a book I’m reading and get to bed early.

The life!


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