Goodbye, Alice

Not a lot of good news here lately, but I did come across a new Louisa Harding pattern book. Titled Queen of Hearts, the entire collection (including pattern names, such as Cheshire and Flamingo) is an homage to Alice in Wonderland. Here’s my favorite hat, titled, simply, Mad Hatter:

Maybe Miss Thing went a little heavy on the smoky eye, but the hat is to die.

Maybe Miss Thing went a little heavy on the smoky eye, but the hat is to die.

You can find the rest of the collection here.

If I had all the time and money in the world, I’d sit and knit these patterns all day. But I don’t. The bad news is my unemployment ran out this week. I am now on my “extension,” which will be 20 weeks, and which should take me until approximately the date I was “laid off,” or “shitcanned,” as I like to say. After that, there could be another “emergency” 13 weeks, but I believe that’s at a reduced rate; I don’t want to have to accept that, and I shudder to think of the timeline in front of me. I’m also tired of the quotes I’m using here.

I spent all day Monday trying to get through to the unemployment office, and finally DID on Wednesday. Gosh, are they busy. Maybe THEY are hiring? In a last gasp effort to make some, any money, I listed more things on, including my Masterpiece Collection DVD of Alice in Wonderland. It sold yesterday. Bye bye, Alice. It was nice having you around for a little while.

This weekend I’m going to try and sell some clothes at the consignment shop. I have some bigger items to list on Craigslist. I sold a hat to an old college chum, so that goes in the mail today, too. I am not putting a lot of eggs in the basket regarding October’s Rock the Stitch Show, for that is foolish. But one can hope. I am still waiting to get paid on two patterns. The money would be helpful right about now.

If it was just me I was worrying about, it would be one thing. But the job situation here at Chez Velvet Cage is not exactly great for all the residents. We live in hope, in limbo, in a little bit of fear. One step away from “what happens next?” I don’t know. My concern lies with my spouse, right now.

I keep looking for jobs. I plan to apply at the mall and Starbucks this weekend. It’s come to that. I will make a last-gasp attempt to contact an old acquaintance regarding teaching (possibly substitute) in the county. I am not sure what is involved. If I don’t hear back, I will have to investigate on my own. It’s funny, so many people I went to school with who are now “friends” on Facebook teach. It was never something I wanted to do; always something my mother wanted me to. I guess when you have no options left, you will try anything.

Sorry so morose. I will try harder to be positive! I’ll be blogging about Project Runway for the local newspaper (online), will post details on that tomorrow. Just don’t want the site to link back here.

Later, I have a Tony Leung movie coming from Netflix today. He is the cure for what ails me, I think….



  1. Gina · August 20, 2009

    Darling, the hat above is called Mad Hatter, which is sort of fitting for the both of us. I’m excited about the PR blogging gig. I wait in anticipation for PR tonight.

    • tanyadiva · August 20, 2009

      Darling, thanks for the catch. Change has been made. I hope I can make it thru tonite – I have a headhache, and I’m doing this gig for FREE.

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