The three-day coma

I have been in a coma for three days. Seriously, yo.

Wednesday afternoon, I got a migraine. It lasted until last night (Friday). It started in the center of my head, moved to the right side, then to the left, and ended at the base of my neck. Vomiting ensued. So did hallucinations. Oh, and the building I live in decided to do a few small repairs yesterday, and those included drilling. I said DRILLING. Sweet!

My meds aren’t due by mail order till next week, so an emergency call to the doctor netted some last night. I am, finally, better. And I hate a lost week. When you live as I do now, lost time is a bad thing.

BUT! I did download some new music Monday night before the agony ensued (thanks for the gift card, Gina!). My husband I are going to the Paolo Nutini show on Monday night in Fort Lauderdale, so I scooped up that new CD. Hubby was supposed to interview P-dubs, but they couldn’t get it worked out – publicists, damn them! I have to wonder if hubby could have understood that thick Scottish accent, anyway.

I also got Brendan Benson’s new CD. I love Brendan’s solo work, total power pop, sort of the lost ELO tapes, if you know what I mean.brendan
You might know him from his work as second lead in Jack White’s Raconteurs, and I loved them, too. I can’t find a new video from “My Old Familiar Friend,” but here’s one of my old faves, “Cold Hands, Warm Heart.”

After I downloaded two albums, I had time for some singles. I get freaky freaky with the singles. I won’t detail all here, but I got some K-pop care of Korean Spice Girls clones The Wonder Girls. Don’t judge me.

Come on! Aren't they just the cutest!

Come on! Aren't they just the cutest!

Hey, at least I got the original Korean version. I don’t like people singing hooked on phoenics.

And I rounded it out with an old schooler from Cody ChestnuTT”

So there you go β€” my jam of the week.

Here’s to a better week where I’m not in a coma and I can actually listen to this stuff!


One comment

  1. Gina · September 1, 2009

    You are welcome. The gift of music is a delight to all.

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