Today, I…

Applied for a job. We’ll see what happens.

Today, I…tried to reconnect with an old acquaintance who may be able to give me some job leads. We’ll see what happens.

Today, I…did laundry and goofed off on the computer. Thanks to a wonderful blog from a fellow Etsyian who I don’t know, but enjoy reading (I want to give credit where it’s due), I came upon this interesting video from a Japanese TV show that’s worth sharing. I already passed it on to my husband.

Look, I’ve slagged off on Lady Gaga in the past, but frankly, this hat made from hair in the shape of an elephant is freakin’ AMAZING, and who knew she could sing so well? I can admit when I am wrong. She certainly is more entertaining than Madonna, aka Great Aunt Esther.

In times of despair, joblessness and general ennui, I turn to pop music. I have no shame, for it’s not a guilty pleasure, it’s simply a pleasure. Here’s what I’ve been listening to on an endless loop this week: My favorite British girl group, Girls Aloud – I love this song, with production by the Pet Shop Boys:

There you have it. It’s a busy night for me; I have to stay up and do my Project Runway recap for the newspaper Web site (I do this for free) and then tomorrow, I simply must write my latest pattern that’s due next week.

Maybe one day, I’ll actually get paid for one of these things. It would be nice?!



  1. Toni · September 11, 2009

    A friend of mind saw a punk/speed metal band that covers Brittany Spears songs. She said it was wonderful.

  2. Gina · September 12, 2009

    My god! I forgot how great Thursday night is for TV, and I went out to watch the Steelers play. Ugh! I missed the premiere of The Vampire Diaries (yes, I’m a 13yo girl at hear), as well as Project Runway. I pray for repeats and/or On Demand coverage.

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