A tale of two outfits

I think it’s important to blog at least twice a week. That’s what the social media experts say! Just because my life is dull as dishwater and I have no pictures to show (soon, I’ve been knitting, I swear), doesn’t mean I haven’t got something to show.

Here are two outfits, one of which you might have seen making the rounds on all the fashion sites this week. What say YOU?

Come one. I know I can copy this!

Come one. I know I can copy this!

Look, we love Cate, right? Mock this thing though you will, and I’ve heard everything from “Roseanne’s couch afghan” to “They’re granny squares! Not even delicate!” But all I can think is how can I copy it and sell it?

That’s what happens when you are poor.

Here’s something a little more…classy, and I present it specifically for fangirl Gina.

Anna Friel, perfection as usual.

Anna Friel, perfection as usual.

I’ll be honest…she had me with the hat.

So I’m going out drinking tonight with an old friend, and tomorrow is the Emmys, and I’ll be watching and giving you my thoughts on Monday. I’m hoping for an Aaron Paul/Kristen Chenoweth upset double whammy.

But you know I love to dream the impossible dream. That’s why I’m phoning about a job opportunity on Tuesday. Gah, I have to wait three whole days for that one. Talk about psyching yourself up.

See you Monday morning!



  1. Toni · September 19, 2009

    The first thing that comes to mind looking at that granny square dress is TUBE TOP !!! Seriously, could it be adapted into some kind tube top? With maybe some feather trim?

  2. Gina · September 19, 2009

    Ahhhh! La Friel. She does not disappoint. Personally, I think the dress requires a coat and handbag of a more “glamour-glamour” type, but she’s doing the bombshell shoulder drape of the coat. A classic!

  3. Tanya · September 19, 2009

    Tube top would work, yes Toni. But I think skirt, yes?

    And Gina, that ensemble is perfect, come on! The hat, even the toenails match!

    I’m drunk.

  4. Toni · September 20, 2009

    A skirt would work as well and realistically you would sell more skirts than tube tops I think.

  5. Mimi · September 22, 2009

    Ya’ll might get a kick out of this from an Australian newspaper column, talking about Kate’s granny square dress.


    “PSssst…the crocheted, one-shouldered cocktail number that Cate Blanchett wore for the opening of an exhibition in Melbourne on Thursday caused a stir that resulted in fashion’s equivalent of a public flogging yesterday – a unanimous thumbs down from the morning television shows. However the designers and Blanchett were sticking by it when PS called. The frock was the work of Romance Was Born, an avant-garde fashion label from Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett. It was Sales’s mother, Janelle, who crocheted the panels for Blanchett’s gown, which the actor had selected personally. Blanchett’s people informed the designers yesterday that she was aware of the furore but was not taking any notice as she ”loved the dress”. Meanwhile Sales – who wears a bizarre ensemble of circus-like creations – and Plunkett were milking the fuss for all it was worth, and even appeared via satellite on the British breakfast show GMTV to defend their creation. Compared with the knitted octopus headpiece they showed during Australian Fashion Week, Blanchett’s dress was one of their more – ahem – restrained pieces.”

    ***Frankly, I think Cate was just having a giggle. In one of the photos of her in it I saw on line, she could barely contain a laugh as people looked at her in amazement. She’s too fashion savvy to have worn the dress for any reason other than to have some fun. Mimi

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