Quickly, I apologize for the last ranty rant of a post, but actually, I don’t, because sometimes, it feels good to vent.

Living this way for nine months has been trying, to say the least. I am also attempting to release a lot of negativity from my life, and it’s HARD. I am also detoxing from smoking. Even though I didn’t smoke “regular” cigarettes, I’ve been smoking cloves since I was 34. You do the math. So quitting has been tough, but I’m doing it.

I went to see two movies in the last two days! Huzzah! Jon and I saw Zombieland yesterday, and it rocked my world. If you know about the big secret cameo appearance, you know why. Do I have to say it and spoil your fun? You know I’d leave my husband for intials B.M….

Best thing about Zombieland (as per movie?) No stupid Facebook updates. I concur!

Today was Whip It, which I liked much more than I thought I would. Wednesday is finally Bright Star. Oh, the humanity!

And I’ve decided I’m finally breaking up with Gossip Girl. Look, I love Chuck Bass as much as the next fangirl/gay guy, but I can’t take the stupid plot lines anymore.

I’ve also been looking at lots of fun experimental fashion a la the 2010 Spring Lines. Here’s some Gareth Pugh that made my head explode:00310m
Must finish custom orders and rash of cabled hats so I can play.

PS: Is it just me, or does Ravelry kind of suck these days? I mean, the boards. I’m sort of a lurker, anyway, but it’s the last place I go for intelligent discourse. Sorry, I’m a hater!

PPS: If your interested, check my Twitter feed (on sidebar) for my weekly Project Runway updates for a local entertainment site. The URL is there – I don’t want to put it in a post, for it will link back to this blog, and really, who wants to read my ranty rants?



  1. Toni · October 13, 2009

    I use Ravelry to check/look at patterns and that’s about it. I find that there are so many groups/boards that it’s overwhelming and the big six, blech. I do like to lurk every once in a while on the Rubberneckers board but honestly even that’s getting a bit old. We have been discussing going to go see Zombieland but I’ve been a bit of a hermit lately and haven’t felt like leaving the house much so more than likely we will throw it on Netflix and watch in a year and a half. I like your Project Runway updates but this season really truly blows. Glad you are feeling a bit better after your rant. It’s not healthy to hold things in, it can give you cancer.

    • tanyadiva · October 14, 2009

      Glad you like my Runway Recaps, and you must go see Zombieland – do it for a Halloween treat, Toni, you will really enjoy it. It was very imaginative and funny. And plus, zombies.

  2. Gina · October 19, 2009

    I was just thinking about making this a movie day, but Coco Before Chanel is not playing locally. Perhaps Zombieland will be today’s fun…

    I agree that holding it all in can be destructive. Let it out. Take up boxing. I think you’d like it.

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