Let’s all go to the movies…

And buy ourselves a treat! Anyone know that song?

So I’m going to see Bright Star by myself today, wish me luck. Luck that I’m not surrounded by Mortie and Ethel, coughing up phlegm, unwrapping moldy lifesavers or just being in general pills. Blech! Old people – Reason No. 76 to hate South Florida!

So here are two finished special orders I completed yesterday – nothing to get excited about. First up, a plain hat in (gasp!) 100 % acrylic with a cashmere flower. Two great tastes that don’t taste great together!
Know what I will say? If you wash and dry acrylic, it does soften up. So there is that…
And second, I had to redo a pair of gauntlets because the person who bought the first gauntlet wanted two, when my listing plainly said ONE CUFF. But hopefully this will sort it out, and I actually got the yarn for free (yes, I said free) from Kpixie, since they are having a big sale, and I am good customer, and I ordered it and they said, “look, we’re getting rid of this, and this is the last of it, do you just want it?” Um, yes. Don’t tell. And yes, sometimes good things happen to me. But seldomly, so don’t judge.

It's Artyarns Ultramerino. Yum.

It's Artyarns Ultramerino. Yum.

So look, I know these are baby projects, and I will probably get laughed off Ravelry (who cares?). This is what I do. Cause Momma needs money. I’ve applied for two jobs I’m ultra-qualifed for this week, but no one has called me. I need my money where I can get it.

I’m working hard to finish some purses and and also doing some original designs of cabled hats and lace collars with vintage pins as decoration. I’ll put photos up soon. I want the shop stocked for Christmas so maybe I can make a sale or four. I get so pissed when the same four of five sellers get featured on Etsy every frickin’ day, but them’s the breaks, it’s a racket run by an Eastern Syndicate, and that’s the truth, folks, an Eastern Syndicate of Brooklyn hipsters who can kiss my tatooed ankle. Fuck ’em.

So I will leave you with my FAVORITE SONG AND VIDEO of this year, because honey suprised me yesterday with the news he got me tickets to see Raphael Saadiq in Miami the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It’s at The Filmore, a great spot where we just saw Thievery Corporation last Saturday, and he got pit tickets, so I will wear my sequined mini, maybe pull out some heels, and be dancing in the pit and stomp off any bitches who try and take my spot. This will probably be my last stand concert-wise for a while, so it’s good to go out on a high note.



  1. Toni · October 15, 2009

    After doing a bit of research on my own knitting idea. I came to the conclusion that small/well made/not fussy projects were the most cost effective to offer up the the public. I don’t feel like educating half the free world about my fiber choices and I really don’t like to explain that yes it’s that much because my time isn’t free. If I want to be “fancy” I knit for myself or for a few people who appreciate what I make. I figure that if you can make any kind of money doing this then the haters on Ravelry can just suck it.

  2. Bonnie · October 21, 2009

    Did I not comment. I swear I did and was clever too. Alas it either got eaten by hungry internet ghosts or I imagined the whole thing.

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