My favorite Halloween movie…

Yes, I sort of have one!

And FYI, I made Halloween cupcakes today — vanilla and orange icing. I would show pictures, but they’re messy. I only care about the flavor.

So, unlike what appears to be most of America, Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I can take it or leave it. I don’t much care about holidays. But if I had to name my favorite scary movie, it’s Neil Jordan’s early freaky deaky Company of Wolves. From 1984, and based on Angela Carter’s fractured fairy tales. She even helped write the screenplay.


The star, Sarah Patterson. If you check her IMDB page, the trivia says no one really knows whatever happened to her. Ah, mystery.

company of wolves 4

And you can't have a creepy granny without Angela Lansbury. Or a good Paul McCartney lookalike. Anyone else watch that recurring bit on Craig Ferguson? No? Just me?


A little dose of eroticism with the hunstman never hurt anyone.

And it does get scary.

Let’s face it, Little Red Riding Hood is ripe for reinvention.

I do sort of want to see recent fright fest Trick ‘r Treat, with Anna Paquin and one of my big crushes, Brian Cox (Again, THE ONLY HANNIBAL LECTER!!), but I get scared very easily.


At least this is a nice attempt at a costume, instead of the usual slut version.

If YOU’RE going as Little Red, please, wear a skirt, and not the Lady GaGa No Pants version. I went out at 10 a.m. this morning and already saw three girls at the hair salon in full-on Slutoween wear.

And for a great treatise on Company of Wolves, and fairy tales and sexuality in general, may I recommend this book?

Marina Warner’s treatise holds a place of honor on my bookshelf.

Maybe I will rack up more debt and finally go back for that master’s degree in Women’s Studies.

Thanks for being here for the journey with me this week. More observations on life next week!


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  1. Toni · October 31, 2009

    I grew up in the country so we never had trick or treaters, so I love to hand out candy. In the last seventeen years of living in the city I have maybe had two or three Halloween nights where I’ve gotten to hand out a significant amount of candy. We have six small children living on our street and yet none of them trick or treat here. Bummer. The past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking that I’ve wanted to re read Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour, I’ve been resisting the urge.

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