Cyber Monday and an apology

I think blogging has been so hard since my illness. I’d say I’m almost 100% now, but I got into such a habit of sitting on my ass watching the Food Channel incessantly, well, it’s become hard to break.

Thanksgiving dinner was good, and I ate two plates of leftovers today — one for lunch and one for dinner. I think it’s safe to say the 10 pounds I lost when I was sick are probably back.

I spent today putting up some new and older items in the Etsy shop that I hoped might sell before X-Mas. The hats are new, the scarves I finished this summer. I had hoped they would sell at the show in October, but since we’re doing another down and dirty one on December 19, hope springs eternal.

The hats have become my biggest (only?) seller, and I admit, I love picking out vintage pins at thrift stores all over town. If I had my druthers, I’d keep them all and scatter them on a big denim jacket, just like I did in the 80s.

That’s about all I’ve got right now…I’m a little blue, my sister was fired from her job of 12 years last week, and even though we don’t get along and haven’t spoken in almost a year (!?) I do love her and am concerned for her. And my dad is in very poor health, as I discovered yesterday.

I am incredibly thankful for some things, believe me. I quit smoking this year, and I’ve paid off half my debt, despite being unemployed. But I’ve lost so much confidence in myself this year, and simply can’t find a job. I sincerely hope 2010 has something better in store for me, because self-pitying blog posts are becoming so 2009, n’est ce pas?



After almost two weeks, an ER visit, two Dr. visits, Tamiflu, Levaquin and 10 pounds lost, I can finally say:

BTW, DInah is my hero, in case I never told you.

Tomorrow is our two-year anniversary!

The weekend of living dangerously

I wouldn’t take on blogging everyday for a month and then back down unless something really crazy happened. So here’s my excuse.

I had to go to the ER on Saturday night, we thought I had H1NI — yeah, seriously. But no, it was something else. Acute bacterial bronchitis.

My whole body ached, I couldn’t breathe, and therein lay the problem. Two symptoms down. After the diagnosis and the repeated “Do you smoke?” questions — “No, I quit, three months ago” — I got a breathing treatment of pure O2 and saline, some antibiotics, an inhaler and steroids.

What I thought happened: At the Mute Math show on Wednesday, we waited outside in the rain for 30 minutes before getting in. The place holds almost 1000 people, and believe me, they had to lock it down, so it was AT capacity. Of mostly underage Twilight fans. A bunch of drunken underage shitbirds. Also, waiting in the rain (where I stepped in a puddle), I put a two-year old black Hefty bag on my head to stay dry. It had been in our storage shed, since moved to the back of our car. It could have had eggs from some unknown bug growing in it and I inhaled — never inhale!

But my husband got sick today, and had to go to the doctor, so now, we have narrowed it down to contagious drunken shitbird Twilight fans. I can’t speak without choking, but am getting better slowly but surely. My husband has turned into big baby, but since he took such good care of me yesterday, I can return the favor.

Today, I laid on the couch and watched The Year of Living Dangerously on Indieplex. I saw it when I was 13 in 1982, my husband would like to make the claim that he did too, but I told him he at the doubleplex viewing of Porky’s and The Empire Strikes Back, so STFU.

I really loved that movie, Sigourney Weaver still looks great, lets be honest, but she was rocking the Ralph Lauren early ’80s look then. Love the frizzy curls, too. And say what you want about Crazy Mel, and he is crazy as a…drunken shitbird, but he had IT back in the day. And then there’s Linda Hunt. I do miss the ’80s.


Love the hat, and yes, she had a hatpin.


There's nothing like a simple Madras sundress.

Nothing not to love about an old Peter Weir film. Don’t even get me started on Picnic at Hanging Rock. Whenever that comes on, I can’t turn away. It’s the Zamfir pipes soundtrack, people! And the freaky Victorian sexual repression!

This is hard

Blogging everyday is going to kick my butt, but I’m going to post a quick link today. A fellow Ravelry member has a great new site for lefty knit and crochet, so here it is:

Wanzy’s Crochet and Knit

She’s super nice and I’ll be putting this in the sidebar soon.

Last night it was pouring rain, I had a garbage bag on my head, and some jackhole grab assed me at the concert.

I’m recouping.

What I’m…

Waiting for my husband to finish work (I miss work. I want work. A job, a job, my kingdom for a job. All I do is sit here and knit for hire and send off job apps…).
We are going to Fort Lauderdale to see Mute Math tonight. This will be our second time seeing them. They put on an amazing live show. I hope to get some video.

Other than that, I’m…


Hsiao-hsien Hou is probably my favorite director, even surpassing Wong Kar Wai these days. This is an older one, I'm looking forward to digging in.


Jon and I were huge fans of Deadwood season one, and I bought season 2 but hoarded it. Now I have to sell it for some cash, and then I'll rent season 3 on Netflix. Ah, the beautiful language. If you're a fan, you know what I mean. Don't make me say it!


I put it on the sidebar, but I'm working my through a lot of Sarah Dessen right now. I love young adult lit. It soothes the savage beast.

Listening to:

I can’t get this song out of my head…

I have about two more subjects that warrant blog posts and then I don’t know if I can keep this blogging everyday up for November. We’ll see!


Two Sundays ago, Jon and I went to our local Green Market — the first of the season. It runs from late October to around late March, which is “season” down here.

Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of going vegetarian, at least slightly vegetarian (maybe keeping fish on the menu). But then I eat this, and it all goes away, like a chimera.DSCN3379
I took this photo that morning, whilst eating. It’s a breakfast burrito with chorizo sausage and egg, no cheese. They usually put potatoes in, but they had run out. No problem! A little hot sauce and it’s the best breakfast ever, from a tiny authentic Mexican dive from around the way.

As for the hot sauce, I bought some from this place, and I will be back. I’ve already finished 1/4 of the bottle in two weeks. It’s THAT good.

The funny thing that happened that day was that I ran into someone who used to be a customer when I was a store manager all the way back in 2006, which is a long time ago when you think about it. I am thankful I don’t run into people I DON’T want to run into from my two former jobs now, but this was someone I actually quite liked.

A single mother with a teenage daughter who looked like Natalie Portman. I actually had a photo of her and I together on one of my old blogs, but it’s lost in the ether. They both loved learning to knit, and came in almost every day. But they weren’t two of those people who you didn’t want coming in, they actually made the day bearable and sunny.

The stopped coming long before I moved on, and we always thought they moved back to Maine. Turns out they didn’t. I only talked to the mother at the Green Market for about five minutes. I think when people see me in public these days, they don’t want to talk to me for very long — I can sense this palpable urge they want to run away! Fast! Do I seem too desperate to talk? Is that what living alone ten hours of the day does to a person? I let them leave, I don’t hold them hostage.

She couldn’t remember my name (called me “Tiffany,” but I get that and “Tracy” a lot) and it turns out they both don’t knit anymore, which is kind of sad. But hey, people move on. But I’ll always remember dressing her daughter up in a $5,000 Alexander McQueen sweater that one of our WORST customers wanted us to copy for her. Yep, that’s right — break down and decipher the pattern, so she could make it herself.

That’s what the old photo on my Typepad site was of — the daughter dressed in that thing. Fact of the matter was, the price tags from Saks were still on it, because she never had any intention of keeping it; she just wanted us to work it out for her so she could return it.

Funnier thing? When I was looking for jobs last week, this piece of trash had a listing for an assistant on Craigslist. This is a customer who told each of our staff to drop dead at one point or another.

Except me! I always pleased her. So maybe I should have tried for the job? I guess I was a better shopgirl than I thought?

The other interesting thing (I know, this is a LONG story) was that the first thing I felt the need to blurt out to this woman was that I had finally read her niece’s book. What’s that you ask?

Well, here’s the book:


Here Kitty Kitty, by Jardine Libraire

I bought this book in the Ronald Reagan airport in D.C., flying back from meeting my husband (then fiancé’s) parent’s a few years ago. It had sat in my book bag lo these years, since I never had time to read.

I mentioned it one day at the store, and the mother said her niece wrote it. I questioned her thoroughly, and turned it she was right. But I still didn’t read it until this summer. It was actually a really good book.

So that’s the story of the Green Market, the Alexander McQueen sweater, the mother and daughter who don’t knit anymore and the book about the New Yorker who slept around. A lot.

See you tomorrow, I’m having coffee with a friend and going to a Mute Math concert, my second.

November Blogging — First up, kids’ stuff

I’m going to try and blog once a day for November, it’s the NaNo Wri Mo or whatever thingie – I will NOT, however, be writing a book in a month, I don’t have that in me.

Read, or don’t, at your own risk. Some entries will be shorter than others. Some will refer to other blogs I admire. I may scan in more old pictures. And I may feel sorry for myself here in the Velvet Cage. I STILL CAN’T FIND A JOB, and if I can’t by the new year, may have to cash in my 401K. It’s come to that!

Today is not a good day, I am feeling bored, restless and sorry for myself, so I will showcase some images of the good and freaky side of childhood.

First up, a new line of clothes for Gap Kids care of Stella McCartney. People, I feel every one of my 42 years, and we can’t have a baby in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, but my ovaries are tingling when I look at these!

bunny 1

I love the redhead!

bunny 2

It's the bunnies — I die!

Secondly, I came home Halloween night drunk as a skunk, but my husband was still out elsewhere (We had dueling commitments) and I started blog surfing. I need to give props first to Leigh over at Bitch, Please and her Halloween Night of Horrors posts for pulling out the marvelous work of Jeffrey Thomas and his Twisted Princess series, which features some Disney Princesses in rather unusual circumstances.

Since I don’t want to repeat the ones she showcased, how about a little Princess Jasmine and Nala, from The Lion King? You know I love my big cats.
The full series can be found here. I just wish the prints were available.

Hopefully, I can keep this up and will be here tomorrow.