November Blogging — First up, kids’ stuff

I’m going to try and blog once a day for November, it’s the NaNo Wri Mo or whatever thingie – I will NOT, however, be writing a book in a month, I don’t have that in me.

Read, or don’t, at your own risk. Some entries will be shorter than others. Some will refer to other blogs I admire. I may scan in more old pictures. And I may feel sorry for myself here in the Velvet Cage. I STILL CAN’T FIND A JOB, and if I can’t by the new year, may have to cash in my 401K. It’s come to that!

Today is not a good day, I am feeling bored, restless and sorry for myself, so I will showcase some images of the good and freaky side of childhood.

First up, a new line of clothes for Gap Kids care of Stella McCartney. People, I feel every one of my 42 years, and we can’t have a baby in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, but my ovaries are tingling when I look at these!

bunny 1

I love the redhead!

bunny 2

It's the bunnies — I die!

Secondly, I came home Halloween night drunk as a skunk, but my husband was still out elsewhere (We had dueling commitments) and I started blog surfing. I need to give props first to Leigh over at Bitch, Please and her Halloween Night of Horrors posts for pulling out the marvelous work of Jeffrey Thomas and his Twisted Princess series, which features some Disney Princesses in rather unusual circumstances.

Since I don’t want to repeat the ones she showcased, how about a little Princess Jasmine and Nala, from The Lion King? You know I love my big cats.
The full series can be found here. I just wish the prints were available.

Hopefully, I can keep this up and will be here tomorrow.


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