Two Sundays ago, Jon and I went to our local Green Market — the first of the season. It runs from late October to around late March, which is “season” down here.

Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of going vegetarian, at least slightly vegetarian (maybe keeping fish on the menu). But then I eat this, and it all goes away, like a chimera.DSCN3379
I took this photo that morning, whilst eating. It’s a breakfast burrito with chorizo sausage and egg, no cheese. They usually put potatoes in, but they had run out. No problem! A little hot sauce and it’s the best breakfast ever, from a tiny authentic Mexican dive from around the way.

As for the hot sauce, I bought some from this place, and I will be back. I’ve already finished 1/4 of the bottle in two weeks. It’s THAT good.

The funny thing that happened that day was that I ran into someone who used to be a customer when I was a store manager all the way back in 2006, which is a long time ago when you think about it. I am thankful I don’t run into people I DON’T want to run into from my two former jobs now, but this was someone I actually quite liked.

A single mother with a teenage daughter who looked like Natalie Portman. I actually had a photo of her and I together on one of my old blogs, but it’s lost in the ether. They both loved learning to knit, and came in almost every day. But they weren’t two of those people who you didn’t want coming in, they actually made the day bearable and sunny.

The stopped coming long before I moved on, and we always thought they moved back to Maine. Turns out they didn’t. I only talked to the mother at the Green Market for about five minutes. I think when people see me in public these days, they don’t want to talk to me for very long — I can sense this palpable urge they want to run away! Fast! Do I seem too desperate to talk? Is that what living alone ten hours of the day does to a person? I let them leave, I don’t hold them hostage.

She couldn’t remember my name (called me “Tiffany,” but I get that and “Tracy” a lot) and it turns out they both don’t knit anymore, which is kind of sad. But hey, people move on. But I’ll always remember dressing her daughter up in a $5,000 Alexander McQueen sweater that one of our WORST customers wanted us to copy for her. Yep, that’s right — break down and decipher the pattern, so she could make it herself.

That’s what the old photo on my Typepad site was of — the daughter dressed in that thing. Fact of the matter was, the price tags from Saks were still on it, because she never had any intention of keeping it; she just wanted us to work it out for her so she could return it.

Funnier thing? When I was looking for jobs last week, this piece of trash had a listing for an assistant on Craigslist. This is a customer who told each of our staff to drop dead at one point or another.

Except me! I always pleased her. So maybe I should have tried for the job? I guess I was a better shopgirl than I thought?

The other interesting thing (I know, this is a LONG story) was that the first thing I felt the need to blurt out to this woman was that I had finally read her niece’s book. What’s that you ask?

Well, here’s the book:


Here Kitty Kitty, by Jardine Libraire

I bought this book in the Ronald Reagan airport in D.C., flying back from meeting my husband (then fiancé’s) parent’s a few years ago. It had sat in my book bag lo these years, since I never had time to read.

I mentioned it one day at the store, and the mother said her niece wrote it. I questioned her thoroughly, and turned it she was right. But I still didn’t read it until this summer. It was actually a really good book.

So that’s the story of the Green Market, the Alexander McQueen sweater, the mother and daughter who don’t knit anymore and the book about the New Yorker who slept around. A lot.

See you tomorrow, I’m having coffee with a friend and going to a Mute Math concert, my second.


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