Smart or Pretty

I spent the last few days finishing custom orders, thrifting and preparing for the show next Saturday. There is still so much to do, I really want it to be a success!
Here is the custom scarf winging it’s way to Chicago, probably tomorrow (I’m still working on the earmuffs):

The hat is based on Norah Gaughan’s Wedge, so it is NOT my pattern (the coming earmuffs ARE), I simply added a MASSIVE ruffle on this pup. I did the base while watching West Side Story on one of the movie channels. Confession: I could watch the gym dance a million times and never tire of it, but here’s the thing: I hate Tony and Maria! They muck up the whole movie for me with their mooning! Give me Anita and Nardo any day of the week. So much more fun.

I have scored so many thrifting finds, and I still haven’t photographed them all yet (sequined dress is coming) but today I hit the motherlode at Thrift City: Half off day, three sweaters for $15 total. Two Ralph Laurens (one vintage I’m pretty sure) and one Anthropologie. I am not reselling any of these – although I will be reselling that 1950s French petit point bag I got at Hospice thrift shop, oh yes! Here are my plans:

I believe this is the vingtage RL - I'll need to research. A 100% wool oatmeal cardi with pretty duck colorwork. It will be felted and remade as a cushion. For sale at a craft show next year.

This is an Anthro sweater from a few seasons ago - I'm ripping it apart for the yarn, a lovely mix of wool an angora. Should make a nice hat or two.

This one is MINE. A vintage RL cashmere, looks like it's never been worn. Could only tell the brand from the tiny buttons - wasn't all tricked out with labels. Very subtle, and my color. Vintage pin was $5.00.

So there you go, a successful day, and that’s not even the entire haul. I’ll have more shots when I get better light.

Oh, and the title of this post? Well, my sister lost her job ONE DAY after she had it. Why? Well, they called her and gave her the old “It’s not you it’s us” thing. She decided to call back and ask one more time, “Was it something I did?,” the question that haunts us all, I know. And since it was a husband/wife operation, the wife said, “Well, my husband needs all the attention on him, and you know, it’s just that you were TOO PRETTY.”

I think we all know what THAT MEANS. My sister, who can be a giant pain in the butt to me, is pretty, dammit. She’s 5′ 10″ and blonde, and once an old friend who owns a used record store (I really need to go visit him) said she looked “like a young Marianne Faitfull,” and yes, she does. To me, she looks like Canadian actress Sarah Polley. You can look them both up and get an idea.

When I talked to my mom, she lamented that my sister couldn’t hold a job because she was too pretty, and I lost my job b/c I was “too smart.” Of course I lamented that hey, I wasn’t that bad to look at, either, but the truth is, she’s right. I spent 17 years in one place, 10 in a department that was okay, and then six in one where my immediate superviser tried to get me fired EVEN THOUGH HE WAS MOVING TO ANOTHER CITY!!! because he was jealous I had won multiple awards for my work and he had won none. I think he hated that a woman had bested him.

And my last, not-so-lamented job – oh well. I think it was such a mish-mash of emotions, money and jealousy. Ladies, I will tell you this: When the boss invites you and your fellow managers for a weekend getaway, and you dress for dinner and come out of the bathroom looking better than the boss, you are in trouble. I can still see the hatred in her eyes.

What can I say, I’ve always loved a short sequined skirt. It’s not my fault my legs are my best feature!



  1. Toni · December 9, 2009

    I once had an office manager decide that I shouldn’t be working for her because she thought my husband made too much money and maybe I should just stay home. There is of course a back story to this that is hugely long but I do feel that there was some insecurity on her part at play in the whole situation as well. So, I left. For a better job. Where they treated me like a human being, so it all worked out in the end. I’m really sorry about your sister but honestly, I think in the end she dodged a big bullet that place sounds toxic.

    On a lighter note, what great thrifting!!! My mom is able to do that walk into the Goodwill and come out with brand new designer outfits for five dollars. Who gives away Ralph Lauren? I wear his stuff until it falls apart.

  2. Gina · December 9, 2009

    You do have some great legs, sister! I’ve been MIA, and I am catching up on blog reading.

    Great haul on the thrifting. I’m jealous of your finds. More importantly, Happy Anniversary!

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