Best of Music – 2000-2009

In pictorial, again, because I so enjoy making collages:

This represents what comes on my iPod (or rather, has) the most in the last 10 years. Things I listen(ed) to when I drove, or still drive my husband’s car from time to time.

Stuff I listen(ed) to when I was in airports, or flying. Entire CDs I used to force on the bluehairs when I worked in retail. They needed to hear this stuff, really they did.
Not as much Britpop as there used to be. Yes, I do like a little country, esp. countrypolitan. And rock en Espanol. And retro soul. And rock en Français!

If I was doing a best singles, I would have R. Kelly on the list, never doubt it, for I am that crazy, yo, and I love that song “Ignition.” Seriously, I do.

My favorite CD of the past decade? The one in the middle. Asking for Flowers by Kathleen Edwards. I remember being on an airplane, looking out the window with tears dripping down my face listening to it; it was that good.

I also remember seeing her for the first time in Orlando. She came on the stage and said, “If you don’t like Tom Petty, you’re fucked.” And then she sang “Face in the Crowd.”

So there you go.

Music has so many memories for all of us, whether it’s my husband and I going to see Pink Martini with a symphony in St. Petersburg and me dressed from head to to in pink (all designer vintage, natch — why didn’t I take a picture??) or playing a Charlotte Gainsborbourg song about facelifts for the crazy Botoxed ladies who used to come into the store I ran, and knowing they had no idea what that song was about.

Or just driving down i-95 with Roisin Murphy cranked to eleven.


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