That vintage dress

After teasing for two weeks (?) I finally got some good light. Still have a crappy old camera, though.

Full-length shot. Hard to tell, but it hits me right at the knee, slightly above. Fits like a glove, too. Very slimming.

I’d say it was an 80s – label is Sail Away. Shoulder pads. And the sequins are all hand sewn. Bad photo, but here’s a shot:

At the neckline and cuffs, bugle beads are sewn for a nice touch. Here’s a closeup:

Oh, the necklace? You noticed? Got it at the same Hospice thrift shop. I had to have it – so 70s, don’t you think? Or Mariah Carey in Glitter. Let’s not go there. I’m loving it.

So there you have it! The dress was $15, and I’d say it was worth it. I just need to find a place to wear it. I don’t have any plans to resell it as of yet, and really don’t want to. I’d rather keep it for me, because we all need a little black dress, and the only one I have now is also a vintage piece – a 50s Italian wool dress. With my figure, I’m doomed to be a separates girl, so finding a dress that fits is a luxury.

Got a lot to do before the show this Saturday, and then it’s off for vacation next Wed. Can’t wait! I’ll post before then, but I hope to make some blog changes in the new year. More on that later!



  1. Gina · December 16, 2009

    The dress is fantastic. What a great thrifting score — $15!!!

  2. amy · December 20, 2009

    fantastical. i love it.

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