I…just want to thank you

Thanks everyone who wished me luck on the job interview. They said I would hear one way or another next week. So, fingers crossed.

The fellows I spoke to seemed nice, we had a good rapport, and I felt comfortable. Whatever happens, I feel positive at least, that I HAD an interview after a year of nada. Could the tide be turning? The pluses, according to the interview:
1) I would be working with mostly men. FACT: I prefer working with men. Especially after three years of working with bitch, backstabbing women.
2) I was warned there would be cursing, and did I have a problem with this. Gentle readers, you read this blog. WHAT DO YOU THINK?!
3) I was warned there was an office….mascot. As in dog. But it is a golden retriever named, appropriately, Marley. Now, we all know I’m a cat person. Let’s take a moment, with my new camera, and refresh:


However, I have grown up with my family’s dogs all my life, and after my last job, working in an office the size of a closet with a co-worker’s pampered chihuahua who did nothing but shit and wear ridiculous costumes, I think I can handle a more…noble dog.

That’s if I get the job. We’ll see.

Other than that, I’ve been working on projects, cleaning things out, and driving my new(ish) car. Yes, I cashed in the 401K and purchased a 2009 Kia, so at least if I don’t get this job, I can cruise every temp agency in town. No photo yet, maybe tomorrow. It’s the color of my latest item for sale on Etsy, this little number.

The pin is real Delft china.

I’m sorry I’m not more entertaining, I slammed my finger in the (newish) car door today, and have also spent all day writing a pattern for a place that I’m STILL not sure is paying me.

So it’s been that kind of day. But I plan to take more photos tomorrow. Hope it’s good news next week, but if not, please don’t cry for me, Argentina!


She’s baaack…..

And in second place after the short program at the U.S. Nationals. And pissing off a lot of younger gals who wanted their “Olympic Dream.”

Oh well! Sasha and her new boobs don’t care!

And for the most offensive thing you will see this year, live from the Europeans, the Original Dance from Dominina and Shabalin! Aboriginal tribute my ass! Blackface and leaves, people!

In other news, I have an actual JOB INTERVIEW next Tuesday. My first one IN A FUCKING YEAR.

Wish me luck. It may not be what I’m looking for, but for the love of Brian Boitano, it’s a damned start!

All about the dress

What up? I am here. I received my 401K cashout yesterday, so I need to go car shopping this weekend. That doesn’t mean I’ll BUY a car this weekend, but you feel me, right?

I have been knitting, probably because I feel like this is my last gasp time to get things done. I did a shop update today with some wintery things and a vintage Walborg bag. Here’s a look see:

The teal hat is the lightest, softest cashmere ever, I wish I could keep it. The pink collar is also cashmere. The peach headband is Twinkle Soft Chunky, pin is vintage. All designs are original. I have a few more “wintery” things to do, and then I have a bunch of cottony stuff (very easy – hats, jewelry and market bags) to finish before the Odd Duck Bazaar at the end of March. I ordered some buttons made from recycled skateboards from Etsy shop Sevenply. She custom did them for me, and they are to go on the hats. Can’t wait to see them!

Bitching about Figure Skating…I’ll save it until tomorrow. I actually found a group of people to bitch with on Ravelry. I let my membership to FSU slide — they raised the Pay Pal fee to $10, and I just felt I could spend that money in a better manner, i.e. on ME. But there’s plenty to bitch about, complete with some YouTube videos.

So, we had to watch the Golden Globes Sunday night, I say HAD TO because my husband has to update a Web site for his job. I honestly don’t give a rat’s patoot these days, none of these movies do anything for me, you KNOW how I feel about the movie about the blue people with tails, and I have no desire to see Up in the Air, or “The Movie About a Glib Motherfucker Who Lays Off People and Learns a Lessson.” I’m not Clooney fan unless it’s Out of Sight; now THERE was a movie. Bright Star is being shut out of every award so I’m protesting.

BUT. Everyone is shitting all over poor Christina Hendricks because of THIS dress:

Here’s the deal: It was designed by Christian Siriano from Project Runway (aka Chicken), everyone is saying it looks like Peaches n Cream Barbie, but that was circa 1985, and I was a decade earlier, so I was busy playing with Halston Disco Slut Barbie, and have no point of reference.

There is such dramaz over this poor woman in this dress and you know why? Because she has BOOBS. Quelle horreur! A very well-to-do newspaper ran a story callling her distorted and fat.

Sweet sassy molassey. I am a commenter on a womenz blog, and here’s what I said. This is not a big woman. This is a woman with big BOOBS. As a woman with the same damned situation, because I refuse anymore to call it a problem, we all need to get over it. Did she have a little back fat in the dress? Maybe, yes. Honestly, my only problem was the color was not a good choice on her. Otherwise, I think she looked bangin’. And so did my husband.

I used to watch these shows and say to myself, “I could never wear that!” But with her, I look and say, “You know, I think I could!”

So there. Big boobs for the win.

French Blue

We’ve had quite a cold snap this past week, and I’m still cold.

I was saddened today to hear of the passing of French director Eric Rohmer. At least HE didn’t make movies about blue people with tails. He made movies about people.

My favorite is Boyfriends and Girlfriends, or L’ami de Mon Amie, if you will. It’s so 1987, so frothy, yet has such a sense of longing.

The last Rohmer movie I saw in a theatre was Autumn’s Tale, at our now defunct arthouse destination, The Carefree Theatre. We miss that old place. All that’s left are a few bricks and the faded Capote poster. I’m serious— it’s still there, mocking us.

I am almost POSITIVE I reviewed this when I was still writing. If I can dig it up, I might scan it in tomorrow.

I think the sad thing about great movies is that you only see them once for the first time. But you can still revisit them. So that’s nice. FYI, I once worked for a nutty history professor in college who was obsessed with Rohmer’s film Claire’s Knee. Make of that what you will.

In other news, I am still making cowls. No one is buying them, but I plan to make two more, to use up the chunky yarn I have and hopefully assuage the Etsy folks’ desire for the dreaded cowl.

Here is this weekend’s photo shoot. I’m getting better at this, even though I’d rather die than see myself photographed.

By the way, the shirt I’m wearing UNDER the monstrous thing is by one of my favorite purveyors of online fashion, Every Little Counts. They just launched their spring line, and it’s wonderful.

Time to feed the cat and mail some packages. I actually DID sell some hats this weekend…

Miserable white people and rock and roll

Stay with me. I’m all over the place — it’s been that kind of day. Yelling at the UPS idiots on the phone in the morning and cashing in my 401K with the maroon at the bank today who had my name AND Social Security number wrong on the file and acted like I was inconveniencing him. At first, I thought it was a sign from God not to do it. Then, I thought about yelling at him.

I opted to give him his snotty attitude right back.

ANYWAY! This a.m., waiting for the sub-humans from UPS, I watched Revolutionary Road on HBO. I read the book a long time ago, back in the 1990s. I used to troll the old Barnes and Noble (now we have a fancy schmancy new one) on Friday nights when I was single, buying books I could have checked out at the library, and reading aloud from the Jewel poetry book and Snoop Dogg biography. Drunk.

So, I knew the plot, the ending, everything. It is basically a story about “Miserable White People,” a genre I believe was not invented by William Hurt, but really perfected by him in the 1980s. I once took my nine-year-old sister to see The Accidental Tourist when I had promised to take her to The Land Before Time.

And we wonder why she didn’t talk to me for a year?

So, I thought Revolutionary Road was overwrought and the tinkly piano music by Thomas Newman by was EXCRUCIATING, and maybe that’s why I got a migraine.

The mid-century design was pretty awesome, though. If you go to the right thrift stores down here, you can score some of that sweet stuff.

But the only thing I liked about it? Batshit crazy Michael Shannon!

Really, it’s so not fair when guys like this get well-deserved SUPPORTING actor nominations for true supporting performances (10 minutes screen time, max) and other people who are actual lead performers and end up winning. Whatevs. Them’s the breaks.

I just love character actors who inhabit the corners of big-budget movies and do their thang. And I love this guy because he’s playing total looney toon, batshit insane whackjob music “manager” and impressario Kim Fowley in the movie version of The Runaways coming this spring.

Look, I don’t care that Ms. Twilight Kristen Stewart is playing Joan Jett, or Dakota Fanning is sexing it up as Cherie Currie, I just want to see Mr. Crazy Eyes go insane.
And so, I look forward to this movie.

So, what have we learned today?

1) UPS is useless, and yelling at them on the phone with such bon mots as “How can you have a job and I don’t” will make you feel better for a few moments. But then you are a miserable white person again.
2) Sisters remember things for a long, long time.
3) I still refuse to see that movie about the blue people with tails, and I NEVER WILL. FACT: I haven’t seen Home Alone, and I NEVER WILL. I can hold out a long, long time.

Figure skating bitchin’. It’s coming…I just need to work up a really good head of steam.

Things that make you go “hmmm.”

I know you remember that song! Come on, if you remember the 90s, you remember that damned song.

So, there are some things that are making me go “hmmm.”

I don’t get Ravelry sometimes. I wonder why I am even there? I AM trying to sell of some of my yarn, can you believe it? Oh yes I am! Now, I’m not like SOME FAMOUS BLOGGERS, who put up glamourous images of their stash, a notification they are SELL SELL SELLING! and then charge more than the markup I used to see at the shithole (aka where I used to work). And believe me, the markup there was truly fierce.

I am selling my stash for bottom dollar, baybee, and it’s good shit, as Cornershop sings. Anyone remember THEM? I saw open for Oasis in the 90s, and they put me in a music-trance with a 20-minute jam. Good times!

I am also vowing not to buy anymore yarn this year (or probably next, let’s be honest here), and joined a little group on Ravelry for that. But there are so many members I got lost in the shuffle so I might drop out and just go it alone.

Over the holidays, I bought two skeins for the Etsy shop at Dizzy Sheep online with my discounts. They have extremely good sales, and I only buy online now anyway, with the exception of Michaels and Tuesday Morning. I also only buy with Pay Pal money. But again, this was the last of it.

This is Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Carrots. I want to design a little cabled hat out of it. To sell and make little profit on, of course.

Malabrigo in a color called Little Lovely. It is almost the same as a color I was going to buy last year before I got shitcanned. To me, this looks like a beating heart. I want to make some fingerless gloves. and sell...at not enough profit. You know the drill!

So there you go.

I think I spent too much time last year pooping around on Ravelry, and frankly — I can’t look at another uploaded pattern that looks half-assed. A washcloth “pattern.” A scarf that anyone could do in their sleep. There is too much “stuff” on Ravelry now. Too many “groups.” Transgendered fans of Burn Notice! Did we need that group?

Maybe we did.

I just feel lost in the wilderness, and I’m tired of asking if a bear shits in the woods, la la la. You know the drill.

So here’s another thing that makes me go hmmmm….I know I will never get on the front page of Etsy. I don’t make owls, cowls and mustaches. Wait, I did sell some old owl figurines to someone from the BBC over the holidays, I just made a cowl, and oh never mind. You catch my drift.

But I don’t rip off other people. I just don’t. And yesterday, I saw one of Joan Michael McGowan’s (Knitting Lingerie Style) lovely patterns ON THE FRONT PAGE!

I went to the seller’s page, and there were several copies! It wasn’t like she’d had a lot of sales, and frankly, most of her images were crap, but I was gobsmacked.

I think a lot of people have seen certain patterns ripped off on Etsy, but truly, this takes the cake.

You know what else takes the cake? The fact that that piece of turd movie Avatar is being touted as Best Picture bait. Fuck that shit. Since when is a movie about blue people with tails quality entertainment? Why has the divine Bright Star been forgotten? I call hijinks!

I give up. Bitching about figure skating. It’s coming soon, people. You’ve been waiting four long years. Don’t tell me you haven’t!

First New Year’s FO

Already posted on Facebook, Ravelry and Etsy. But why neglect this sad corner of the Internets?!


Although I'd rather go see a double feature of Twilght and Avatar than model these things myself, sometimes, I have no choice.

Cheap sunglasses make everything look better.

I tried to resist the cowl brigade; the open joke seems to be if you want to sell on Etsy, you will make a cowl, an owl or a mustache-thingey. The hipsters like them.

I am not a cowl fan. But I have some chunky weight yarn, I need to make things with it, so here you go. This is an original design, if you want to call it that. I was just goofing around. I made it during two viewings of The Blues Brothers on New Year’s Day. I don’t particularly love that movie, but I do love the musical numbers.

I opted to NOT make pom poms, because I hate pom poms, tassels are the forgotten member of the pom pom family, and I can’t be like everyone else.

So there you go.

In other news, I have my “third-tier” extension of unemployment starting next week. It should last till April. After that, who knows? If I don’t get a job, I am well and truly fucked.

I grabbed an application from Bed Bath and Beyond but haven’t turned it in yet. I don’t want to.

Why? Well, no one flushes the toilets in their bathrooms (it’s true!) which is so gross, and yesterday, when we went to get Jon a coffee mug, it was packed and was like Night of the Living Bubbes.

I am sorry, but to the “friend” who keeps telling me to get a job there, I have one thing to say: If you like it so much, why don’t YOU?