Things that make you go “hmmm.”

I know you remember that song! Come on, if you remember the 90s, you remember that damned song.

So, there are some things that are making me go “hmmm.”

I don’t get Ravelry sometimes. I wonder why I am even there? I AM trying to sell of some of my yarn, can you believe it? Oh yes I am! Now, I’m not like SOME FAMOUS BLOGGERS, who put up glamourous images of their stash, a notification they are SELL SELL SELLING! and then charge more than the markup I used to see at the shithole (aka where I used to work). And believe me, the markup there was truly fierce.

I am selling my stash for bottom dollar, baybee, and it’s good shit, as Cornershop sings. Anyone remember THEM? I saw open for Oasis in the 90s, and they put me in a music-trance with a 20-minute jam. Good times!

I am also vowing not to buy anymore yarn this year (or probably next, let’s be honest here), and joined a little group on Ravelry for that. But there are so many members I got lost in the shuffle so I might drop out and just go it alone.

Over the holidays, I bought two skeins for the Etsy shop at Dizzy Sheep online with my discounts. They have extremely good sales, and I only buy online now anyway, with the exception of Michaels and Tuesday Morning. I also only buy with Pay Pal money. But again, this was the last of it.

This is Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Carrots. I want to design a little cabled hat out of it. To sell and make little profit on, of course.

Malabrigo in a color called Little Lovely. It is almost the same as a color I was going to buy last year before I got shitcanned. To me, this looks like a beating heart. I want to make some fingerless gloves. and not enough profit. You know the drill!

So there you go.

I think I spent too much time last year pooping around on Ravelry, and frankly — I can’t look at another uploaded pattern that looks half-assed. A washcloth “pattern.” A scarf that anyone could do in their sleep. There is too much “stuff” on Ravelry now. Too many “groups.” Transgendered fans of Burn Notice! Did we need that group?

Maybe we did.

I just feel lost in the wilderness, and I’m tired of asking if a bear shits in the woods, la la la. You know the drill.

So here’s another thing that makes me go hmmmm….I know I will never get on the front page of Etsy. I don’t make owls, cowls and mustaches. Wait, I did sell some old owl figurines to someone from the BBC over the holidays, I just made a cowl, and oh never mind. You catch my drift.

But I don’t rip off other people. I just don’t. And yesterday, I saw one of Joan Michael McGowan’s (Knitting Lingerie Style) lovely patterns ON THE FRONT PAGE!

I went to the seller’s page, and there were several copies! It wasn’t like she’d had a lot of sales, and frankly, most of her images were crap, but I was gobsmacked.

I think a lot of people have seen certain patterns ripped off on Etsy, but truly, this takes the cake.

You know what else takes the cake? The fact that that piece of turd movie Avatar is being touted as Best Picture bait. Fuck that shit. Since when is a movie about blue people with tails quality entertainment? Why has the divine Bright Star been forgotten? I call hijinks!

I give up. Bitching about figure skating. It’s coming soon, people. You’ve been waiting four long years. Don’t tell me you haven’t!



  1. Toni · January 6, 2010

    I have a friend who doesn’t seem to have a problem selling her stash yarn on Ravelry. Maybe because it’s sock yarn? I love the yarn that you bought, I have some Malabrigo in an orange that I’m going to make into fingerless mits for a friend, I like to pet it a lot though so it may take me awhile to make them.

    • tanyadiva · January 8, 2010

      Oh, I’m selling some sock yarn, Toni, never fear. We’ll wait and see what happens. I’m marking it lower than other people.

  2. Gina · January 6, 2010

    I cannot wait to discuss Olympic figure skating with you!

    Why are we so not famous? We’re fabulous enough to be, but somehow we’re not.

    • tanyadiva · January 8, 2010

      Figure skating. Bitching. It’s coming, G. Wait for it.

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