Miserable white people and rock and roll

Stay with me. I’m all over the place β€” it’s been that kind of day. Yelling at the UPS idiots on the phone in the morning and cashing in my 401K with the maroon at the bank today who had my name AND Social Security number wrong on the file and acted like I was inconveniencing him. At first, I thought it was a sign from God not to do it. Then, I thought about yelling at him.

I opted to give him his snotty attitude right back.

ANYWAY! This a.m., waiting for the sub-humans from UPS, I watched Revolutionary Road on HBO. I read the book a long time ago, back in the 1990s. I used to troll the old Barnes and Noble (now we have a fancy schmancy new one) on Friday nights when I was single, buying books I could have checked out at the library, and reading aloud from the Jewel poetry book and Snoop Dogg biography. Drunk.

So, I knew the plot, the ending, everything. It is basically a story about “Miserable White People,” a genre I believe was not invented by William Hurt, but really perfected by him in the 1980s. I once took my nine-year-old sister to see The Accidental Tourist when I had promised to take her to The Land Before Time.

And we wonder why she didn’t talk to me for a year?

So, I thought Revolutionary Road was overwrought and the tinkly piano music by Thomas Newman by was EXCRUCIATING, and maybe that’s why I got a migraine.

The mid-century design was pretty awesome, though. If you go to the right thrift stores down here, you can score some of that sweet stuff.

But the only thing I liked about it? Batshit crazy Michael Shannon!

Really, it’s so not fair when guys like this get well-deserved SUPPORTING actor nominations for true supporting performances (10 minutes screen time, max) and other people who are actual lead performers and end up winning. Whatevs. Them’s the breaks.

I just love character actors who inhabit the corners of big-budget movies and do their thang. And I love this guy because he’s playing total looney toon, batshit insane whackjob music “manager” and impressario Kim Fowley in the movie version of The Runaways coming this spring.

Look, I don’t care that Ms. Twilight Kristen Stewart is playing Joan Jett, or Dakota Fanning is sexing it up as Cherie Currie, I just want to see Mr. Crazy Eyes go insane.
And so, I look forward to this movie.

So, what have we learned today?

1) UPS is useless, and yelling at them on the phone with such bon mots as “How can you have a job and I don’t” will make you feel better for a few moments. But then you are a miserable white person again.
2) Sisters remember things for a long, long time.
3) I still refuse to see that movie about the blue people with tails, and I NEVER WILL. FACT: I haven’t seen Home Alone, and I NEVER WILL. I can hold out a long, long time.

Figure skating bitchin’. It’s coming…I just need to work up a really good head of steam.



  1. Toni · January 8, 2010

    I have never seen Titanic.

  2. Gina · January 10, 2010

    Everyone was swanning over Dakota Fanning’s role in New Moon, and I just didn’t get the commotion. I don’t get the commotion over KS either. She’s a method actress, and her method of acting is mostly mouth breathing. She is is to mouth breathing what Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson were to lip biting and nostril flaring, respectively.

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