All about the dress

What up? I am here. I received my 401K cashout yesterday, so I need to go car shopping this weekend. That doesn’t mean I’ll BUY a car this weekend, but you feel me, right?

I have been knitting, probably because I feel like this is my last gasp time to get things done. I did a shop update today with some wintery things and a vintage Walborg bag. Here’s a look see:

The teal hat is the lightest, softest cashmere ever, I wish I could keep it. The pink collar is also cashmere. The peach headband is Twinkle Soft Chunky, pin is vintage. All designs are original. I have a few more “wintery” things to do, and then I have a bunch of cottony stuff (very easy – hats, jewelry and market bags) to finish before the Odd Duck Bazaar at the end of March. I ordered some buttons made from recycled skateboards from Etsy shop Sevenply. She custom did them for me, and they are to go on the hats. Can’t wait to see them!

Bitching about Figure Skating…I’ll save it until tomorrow. I actually found a group of people to bitch with on Ravelry. I let my membership to FSU slide β€” they raised the Pay Pal fee to $10, and I just felt I could spend that money in a better manner, i.e. on ME. But there’s plenty to bitch about, complete with some YouTube videos.

So, we had to watch the Golden Globes Sunday night, I say HAD TO because my husband has to update a Web site for his job. I honestly don’t give a rat’s patoot these days, none of these movies do anything for me, you KNOW how I feel about the movie about the blue people with tails, and I have no desire to see Up in the Air, or “The Movie About a Glib Motherfucker Who Lays Off People and Learns a Lessson.” I’m not Clooney fan unless it’s Out of Sight; now THERE was a movie. Bright Star is being shut out of every award so I’m protesting.

BUT. Everyone is shitting all over poor Christina Hendricks because of THIS dress:

Here’s the deal: It was designed by Christian Siriano from Project Runway (aka Chicken), everyone is saying it looks like Peaches n Cream Barbie, but that was circa 1985, and I was a decade earlier, so I was busy playing with Halston Disco Slut Barbie, and have no point of reference.

There is such dramaz over this poor woman in this dress and you know why? Because she has BOOBS. Quelle horreur! A very well-to-do newspaper ran a story callling her distorted and fat.

Sweet sassy molassey. I am a commenter on a womenz blog, and here’s what I said. This is not a big woman. This is a woman with big BOOBS. As a woman with the same damned situation, because I refuse anymore to call it a problem, we all need to get over it. Did she have a little back fat in the dress? Maybe, yes. Honestly, my only problem was the color was not a good choice on her. Otherwise, I think she looked bangin’. And so did my husband.

I used to watch these shows and say to myself, “I could never wear that!” But with her, I look and say, “You know, I think I could!”

So there. Big boobs for the win.



  1. Gina · January 22, 2010

    What on earth are these people thinking? She is not fat — not by a long-shot. I guess if you’re not blue or looking malnourished, Hollywood and the press can’t embrace you. Whatevs, as you say.

  2. Mimi · February 8, 2010

    Actually, I think the color is fantastic on her and the dress was WOW.

    I am so sick of the church of skinny trying to make every woman feel guilty for joining. Of course we need to watch our eating, but the latest research [not embraced by the commercial diet industry for some crazy reason] says that having a couple [not tons] of extra weight is still healthy and if you’ve got curves like Christina, flaunt them!

    I bet there’s not a straight man who saw her in that dress that didn’t do a little happy pants dance of appreciation.

  3. Mimi · February 8, 2010

    Whoopsie.. I couldn’t edit.. the second sentence should say “trying to make every woman feel guilty for NOT joining”.

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