I…just want to thank you

Thanks everyone who wished me luck on the job interview. They said I would hear one way or another next week. So, fingers crossed.

The fellows I spoke to seemed nice, we had a good rapport, and I felt comfortable. Whatever happens, I feel positive at least, that I HAD an interview after a year of nada. Could the tide be turning? The pluses, according to the interview:
1) I would be working with mostly men. FACT: I prefer working with men. Especially after three years of working with bitch, backstabbing women.
2) I was warned there would be cursing, and did I have a problem with this. Gentle readers, you read this blog. WHAT DO YOU THINK?!
3) I was warned there was an office….mascot. As in dog. But it is a golden retriever named, appropriately, Marley. Now, we all know I’m a cat person. Let’s take a moment, with my new camera, and refresh:


However, I have grown up with my family’s dogs all my life, and after my last job, working in an office the size of a closet with a co-worker’s pampered chihuahua who did nothing but shit and wear ridiculous costumes, I think I can handle a more…noble dog.

That’s if I get the job. We’ll see.

Other than that, I’ve been working on projects, cleaning things out, and driving my new(ish) car. Yes, I cashed in the 401K and purchased a 2009 Kia, so at least if I don’t get this job, I can cruise every temp agency in town. No photo yet, maybe tomorrow. It’s the color of my latest item for sale on Etsy, this little number.

The pin is real Delft china.

I’m sorry I’m not more entertaining, I slammed my finger in the (newish) car door today, and have also spent all day writing a pattern for a place that I’m STILL not sure is paying me.

So it’s been that kind of day. But I plan to take more photos tomorrow. Hope it’s good news next week, but if not, please don’t cry for me, Argentina!



  1. Gina · February 3, 2010

    I’m not sure which is more lovely — the neckwarmer or Ringo’s little cocked ear. No offense to your knitting, but the cat is just too damn cute. He’s adorable.

  2. amy · February 4, 2010

    sounds like the perfect job for you. my fingers are crossed!

    ps…that neckwarmer looks so cozy warm, and i love the color!

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