Too long at the fair…

I think there’s an old song that goes like that. Anyway. Sometimes I get quiet for a bit, and this time, it’s because I’ve been riding around in my automobile. It’s pretty basic. Here’s a snap:

The 2009 Kia Rio. Used. Hey, if it has A/C and an adapter for my iPod (as well as all working parts) I’m happy. I think I forgot just how much I listen to music WHILE DRIVING. I’ve really missed it.

And we went to the South Florida Fair on Sunday. Where I swore I’d eat my weight in Fair Food, and pretty much did. If they could bottle the smell of the midway and put it in a perfume atomizer, it would be MY pheromone kryptonite. Ah, the heady mix of corndog batter, cotton candy, gasoline, cheap liquor and cigarette smoke. Yum. My husband swears there’s a little bit of redneck in me, and he’s right.

And also, BUNNIES!

Sigh. I hate that they're in cages. But I love the bunnies so much.

You might be a teenage rebel if:


I remember when I was in grade school, going to the fair for field trips and “sneaking” on to the midway, seeing these shiny shit booths whilst they played Molly Hatchet for that ride that went round and round in circles
(The Vomit Slinger?).

I remember in high school, going on to the midway with some popular girl in too much eye makeup and too tight jeans who befriended me for the night, seeing the shiny shit booth yet again, whilst they played “Erotic City” for the ride she forced me on that went up, down, and round in circles (DEFINITELY the vomit slinger). That friendship didn’t last the night.

I’m glad to see some things have stood the test of time, even in this age of iPads, Tweets and the like. Oh, and I think that white-trash ho Ke$sha was blasting from the Vomit Slinger this time. Awful, but what an earworm!

See you tomorrow!



  1. JelliDonut · February 4, 2010

    Oh my! This brings back memories of the Earthquake burgers at the Puyallup fair. I loved those gut-busters!

    • tanyadiva · February 4, 2010

      Dare I even ask what those are? They had donut burgers at this one – I don’t think that needs any special explanation!

  2. Gina · February 4, 2010

    Fair food is terrifying, and yet, it’s so hard to resist. I adore the car. How lucky that you found a used car that seems to suit you. I’m driving a blue Sedan that could pass as a Government car.

  3. amy · February 4, 2010

    ah. i used to want a bunny so bad…all because i kept seeing them at the country fair every summer. i never did get a bunny, despite much pleading. although i did get a hamster. definitely not the same.

    oh- and i shipped out your package yesterday! you should get it tomorrow 🙂


  4. Toni · February 5, 2010

    The car is cute!!! One of my cousins got a couple of rabbits to raise for fun, sometime later two rabbits had turned into over a hundred rabbits. I’m not sure why my Aunt and Uncle didn’t notice that they were buying huge amounts of rabbit feed, cages etc. But soon after I witnessed the Rabbit Hilton there were NO rabbits to be found. I think that year for Christmas we had rabbit.

    FYI: My father’s side of the family were dairy farmers. My cousins rabbits were kept in an old barn and more than likely the plan all along was to eat them. At our farm we raised pigs one year whose names were Ham and Bacon.

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