The first person I told in person

Was the post-lady. I told her she wouldn’t be sending me anymore letters from the Workforce Innovation Agency. Because I finally got a job.

So, hold yourself cupcakes, it’s not the be-all, end-all of jobs, and if you’re on Facey-space, you already saw my announcement. I got the call today; I start tomorrow. I had an interview out of the blue on Tuesday. You see, during the Olympics, I wasn’t just watching curling and crazy ice dance people. I was sending out a kajillion resumes. And one of them stuck. I interviewed Tuesday night, was pretty assured I got the job, went out drinking and got the call today.

It is not a “career,” it is simply a recept./admin support job at a small company. A small, VERY quiet, VERY slow office. With one man as boss, and three men working in back, manufacturing things. That’s it. Would I mind working in a slow office, I was asked? Um, NO. I don’t mind working with men either, after three years of crazy bitches.

I will still be here. I will be able to work on my Etsy store and shows, as this won’t cramp my style at all. In fact, let’s show some photos to alleviate the boredom of text: I need some help! Which pin looks better with this scarf, do tell.

The Aspen leaf is real gold, I got if for 6 bucks at the Hospice. But I love the dragonfly, and hate to lose him...Sob!

I also got T-shirts for us for our show, since we have a clean, white table and no banner — I thought this was a good substitute:

So anyway…This job doesn’t pay a ton of money, but I’m going to say a few things here: I have been unemployed for slightly over a year. My unemployment was due to run out in about four weeks. I have a small (I mean SMALL) chunk of change to live on. My husband cannot support me, or our household without some help from me. We are in this together.

I have learned to live on less this year. MUCH less. I quit smoking and save a bundle of cash that way. I have paid down over half my debt, and have only one credit card with a balance now, and I am working dilligently on that. I shop smarter, at the dollar store and green market. I will continue to sell things on, Etsy, and elsewhere for a bit of money. I can do this thing. I hope I don’t lose this job in three months b/c some places will do that (ie. hire you for three months and then throw in the towel), but if it happens, it happens. I will go on.

Wish me luck – I’m not out of the woods yet!

Hey, we’re going to Miami on Saturday to meet some friends and see phenomenal French band Air. You may know them from the soundtrack to The Virgin Suicides. Thought they’d NEVER make it to South Florida. Here’s one of my favorites.



  1. JelliDonut · March 11, 2010

    Fantastic! Why not keep the dragonfly pin? Maybe it’s good luck?

  2. Gina · March 12, 2010

    I nearly cried — I’m SO happy for you!

  3. Bonnie · March 28, 2010

    I was there! I was one of the friends! Yay Air you talented knob fiddling French bastards! You were awesome and per your orders I am watching the stars….never mind that my name is not Kelly.

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