Goals and rewards

Put a bunch of yarn up for sale today on Ravelry. Sold one lot and another bunch of magazines (FINALLY). Feel a little lighter. I always tell my husband, stuff weighs you down the longer you keep it. I plan to keep re-listing until I unload more. The time has really come. I can’t knit it all, it won’t be of use to the Etsy shop, which is doing bupkus (though I sold a hat this week), and we may have to move at the end of the year. So, get rid of it.

This Summer:
We may have to cut off the cable. It is simply too expensive. Yes, it’s come to that. I thought about it for a day and said, okay. There’s always Hulu (until they start charging for it). I will live. How many VH1 reality shows do I need to watch anyway?

This Week:
I have applied for a job(s) every day this week, starting with last Friday. I even had a contact back from one, but it was to fill out a questionnaire. It didn’t ask what makes me special, but it did ask for my life’s goals. I gave the biggest piece of bullcrack answer I could. I did not say I would put the Nasty in Dynasty.

I spent a lot of time driving this week, and I love listening to my iPod in the car. I have one song on default when I want to hit “shuffle songs,” and I know you will never in a million years guess what it is. Yes, you think I’m all indie and such, and you would be right, but my heart belongs to Soul Train, and damn, but I love me some Shalimar. Did you you Jeffrey Daniel taught Michael Jackson to moonwalk? It’s true. And I’ve always loved Jody Watley’s style. Yes, this white girl was rocking the big ass silver hoop earrings and sky high curls back in the day.

Enjoy the second time around. I do, every chance I get.


  1. Susan · May 14, 2010

    Great new look for your blog. And yeah, I was doing the big-ass hoops and curls back in the day, too. I guess that means we rock.

  2. The Sexy Knitter · May 16, 2010

    Re the cable, cut it. You can find anything you could ever possibly want to watch on the computer for free (forget Hulu – Google Videos is your friend). I haven’t had cable for two years and haven’t had to miss a thing.

  3. Gina · May 17, 2010

    I’ve spent half of the day sifting through the crap that I own, and I’ve filled a white, tall kitchen bag with trash, I’ve also filled a large Gap shopping bag for donation. I feel better.

    I know that much of your purging/selling is financially related, but it’s funny how you start to realize how much we amass without thought!

    Good luck with the job hunt. Have you tried call centers at local health insurance companies?

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