Pulling out the grey flannel suit…

For another interview tomorrow. How I loath the grey flannel trousers and grey batwing top (which at least has a little personality!) I have put on since I actually started getting interviews this year. Laws, but it is boring. Wish me luck? That I get a marketing schlub job I could do in my sleep? Hope springs eternal.

Went to Art Rock this past weekend, which is the new sister show of Stitch Rock, where I vend every October. I wish I had done this one, but it was nice to shop and support “the usual suspects” and some newbies for a change.

Iron Forge Press was an incredible vendor; they do posters for all the concerts which come to the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area. Check out their work, you will love them.

I would be proud to put this Wilco poster on my wall:

Photo courtesy of Iron Forge Press

Instead, I was taken by their limited edition Blondie and Ramones screenprint shirts. I love me some Blondie, that you know, not just for Debs, but for the whole band. I can’t resist a shirt where Clem Burke will be on my left bewb:

That is the front, and the text is on the inside of the shirt; a nice touch!

I also finally finished something for MEEEE. The Phiaro scarf in grey. Yes, grey. I have ruined two of these before finally finishing one correctly. It is not the knitting that is hard, it is the way you knit/finish it. And I messed up again at the finish line and had to lop off a good six/eight inches.

Pictured with my Anna Karina shirt from the lovely Amy at Every Little Counts.

You see, I would live in T-shirts and yoga pants if I could.



  1. Susan · May 18, 2010

    Luck! Love the Blondie shirt, btw.

  2. Gina · May 19, 2010

    Hey, why don’t you work at a gym or teach yoga? You could live in tees and yoga pants!

    Good luck on the interview.

  3. amy · May 22, 2010

    ooh, did you get the blondie tee? i love it, i really do. and, of course i love your scarf. which reminds me…. i still need one of your pieces! i haven’t forgotten!

    (and thanks for the anna karina shout out…you are the best!)


    ps…how did the interview go? i hope it was much better than the last!

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