Now that Lost is over, what will I do?

Well, now that I have my life back after last night!

So yes, I sat down for 2 1/2 hours of Lost, which was really an hour and 45 minutes, plus 45 minutes of commercials (I know b/c I saw it on the Hulu broadcast clock!), but before I get to that, I thought I would put up something pretty…

Louisa Harding Kimono Ribbon, and Louisa Harding Grace

These two yarns, plus this German tin pin, thrifted of course from one of my jaunts to the local thrift barns, will make Dame Harding’s “Butterfly.” I will try and scan a photo of the pattern later this week, as no one has yet made it and put it in the Ravelry database. That is the case with another one of her patterns I made, “Chalkhills.”

Cleaning out my yarn bins, and selling the balls for cash (which in turn goes to food and medicine….sigh) has meant I might finally get around to making what I really wanted to make all along. A few wardrobe essentials, not a bunch of crap I’ll never wear. We’ll see. It’s time to LET GO.

Which leads me back to Lost. I invested six years in this show, and after it ended last night at 11:30, I was pissed. But on a day’s worth of reflection, and rewatching without all the wretched, wretched commercials, or dealing with my husband tweeting during the first half (something he had to do for work), I feel better, if not completely satisfied.

I take things to seriously, too much to heart. Yes, I give a damn about certain TV shows. Hello Deadwood, how I miss you! You never gave me closure, but I still love your cold, black heart! Breaking Bad, you are running in a close second, so don’t let me down.

But this show appealed to both my rational, logical side (which is very strong) and my emotional one. So it makes sense that my logical side was PISSED OFF last night. It has healed with the day, though.

I think I’m a little more perplexed by all the people on Facebook β€” these are my “friends” I’m talking about, who say, “Oh, I never watched this show but I watched the finale last night. I think I get it!” Um, why? I never watched The Sopranos, so I could give two squirrel farts how it ended! Same with Sex and the City! Here’s a quiz: Name something I’d rather do that go see the new Sex and the City movie. If you said be attacked by rabid geese, you would only have named No. 29 on the list.

So. Anyway. I was right about one thing all along:

This dude would be the new Island King. Come on! Jorge Garcia is THE MAN!

If you know me, you know I LOVE the big guys. And I absolutely adore his blog. What he can do with a cupcake is legendary. You’ll have to check the archives.

The final scene didn’t get me in the gut because…I’m not a dog person. Sorry. But this dog reminds me of our before-last family dog. Who died a pretty horrific death.

Without saying much more, the one thing about Lost that is very, very personal for me is this: Terry O’Quinn, the actor who played Locke, reminds me (facially) of my father, before he became ill and it manifested itself.

And so, I find it hard to look at him and not think about the fact that right now, my father gets sicker every day, and it’s something my family doesn’t talk about much. It is just something we endure.

And I don’t talk about it much either. But it’s happening, so it’s out there. So watching a program on life, death, and what happens after, it was a little too much for me, when I really just wanted all the mysteries and riddles answered.

But, I guess that’s a whole lot like life, right?



  1. Gina · May 25, 2010

    As one who never watched Lost, I wouldn’t see the point of watching that finale. I did, however, watch the series finale of Six Feet Under (a full year after the fact On Demand) in spite of missing huge chunks of the series. Joe had seen probably 6 total episodes, but he still enjoyed (read: cried) the final montage.

    The only series I’m tempting to watch on DVD from start to finish is Twin Peaks. I lovelovelove it.

    I’ve got your father and your family in my thoughts. I know that doesn’t help his condition — or anyone’s for that matter — but I’m sending you a virtual hug and squeeze.

  2. Toni R. · May 26, 2010

    Thinking of you. Sending good thoughts.

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