Random Thoughts Friday…

I won’t call this a tradition, because I do that and then it never happens again.

I wish I could blog while driving in my car, listening to music. That’s when my best thinking gets done. I get home and it all blows away, like little puffy clouds.

In addition to the Karen Elson CD, I went to the library last week and checked out these two CDs, Both soundtracks. They are good.

If you click on both the photos, you can see the listings on the Amazon page.

I’ve wanted the Seu George CD for quite some time. I am ashamed to say I actually watched the Nick and Norah movie and um, liked it. Hate Michael Cera still, but liked it. Read the book and thought it was not very good or well-written, and you know I read a lot of young adult. The rare case of film from a book being better than the source. Plus, I played the CD in my car for Mr. I’m So Indie You Can Call Me Hipster, my husband, and flummoxed him so bad he had to get his iPhone app out and put it up to the speakers. Heh.

Our neighbors across the hall moved out today, kind of stealthily. I am sad. They were a nice couple with an adorable redheaded little girl. They had two huge obnoxious dogs, but I gave them a pass on that. They were the kind of couple who heard us fighting loudly one morning and knocked on the door later to see if I was okay. Not for anyone to think my husband and are are in some sort of burning bed relationships. Couples fight. Esp. when money is tight.

I think that’s why they left. They had relocated from Michigan when he lost his job. But I have to say — I don’t know how he thought he was going to find one in Florida. We suck, so hard. Sigh. I just feel weird and sad and awful about it.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend. My husband has hurt his back, and as I did that myself a few weeks ago, I can empathize. If it gets better, we’ll go to the local arthouse cinema to see this:

That would be The Good, The Bad and The Weird. Click on the poster for more info. Can you tell I figured out how to do something in WordPress today, hmmm?

I have to say, I miss Typepad SO MUCH. I wonder about Blogger, too. But I’m stuck here, b/c it’s free and I don’t want to lose the loyal readership of six or so I’ve built up.

Have an awesome weekend, and I’ll leave you with a (purposely) hysterical video from the new album from The National. I admit it, I’m in lust with their lead singer. At our version of Coachella a few years back (Langerado), he closed the festival, drunk off his ass, swilling vodka and calling it “Vitamin V.”

Now that’s MY KIND OF MAN.



  1. Susan · May 28, 2010

    I’m on Blogger and it pretty much blows chunks but it’s also free. I have dreams of winning the lottery and helping as many people as I can. It’s overwhelming just to think about how hard lots of people have it these days. I’m glad booze is still relatively cheap.

  2. Gina · May 30, 2010

    Have a good weekend. I’ll update you on love, life, etc. soon.

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