Take me home, you silly boy

Sometimes, we all need to get away...

Everyone has their city, be it NYC, Paris, or L.A. For me, it will always be Vegas. I took both these photos on Freemont Street.

I want to go back so bad. Maybe not right now. It’s hotter than Satan at a barbecue right now. But Vegas is my city of choice.

I will sell almost all of my DVDs for grocery money (and have), but I’ve kept a few. Rushmore, 2046, the Trois Coleurs Triology, and my special collectors edition of One From the Heart. Yes, you heard right. The Coppola bomb.

I love Nastia!

I even have the soundtrack.

I hate Tom Waits’ singing, but love his songwriting. I prefer Holly Cole’s interpretation’s of his songs.
Here’s one to grow on:



  1. Susan · June 4, 2010

    I love Vegas in the summer. We’ve gone a couple of times, for the NBA summer league games. One year we got flights and three nights at the MGM Grand for $199 per person. It was awesome, even if it was 110 degrees at Hoover Dam.

  2. Toni R. · June 4, 2010

    We are going to be in Vegas next week. My MIL is getting married again so we are going down for a quick trip. Do you need me to stick some money in a slot machine for you?

    • tanyadiva · June 4, 2010

      Susan, I have been to Vegas in August; it was hot but they did have the blowers with water spritzers on the street. I am not kidding.

      Toni, I need you to put some money in the slots for me BAD. My favorite machine is the penny (nickel?) slot machine, called Kenny Rogers Gambler. It is SO BAD IT’S GOOD.

  3. Toni R. · June 4, 2010

    I will look and see if they still have them there, if they do then I will put some money in for you.

  4. amy · June 8, 2010

    i had no idea you loved vegas so much! i kinda love it too, but not enough to live there- being that i hate the heat. but it’s a good getaway.

    i haven’t heard of this movie but i’ve just added it to #1 in my netflix queue. i have a feeling i am going to love it- if only for the costumes. and whoa, is that crytal gayle’s name i see?! what every happened to her?

    ….AND- are there really hopes that you will be moving to Brooklyn???

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