A summertime playlist

It’s hot. I’m not doing so well. I’m disappointed in people. I can’t find a job. Did I mention it’s HOT? I’m going to dish the box.net app on my sidebar for this playlist.com thing. The first song is by one of my favorite bands, The Like, who I’m delighted to discover have a NEW album coming out this month. June Gloom is one of my favorite songs, and describes how I’m feeling right now. Enjoy!

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  1. Susan · June 12, 2010

    Come on over–it’s barely 50° here. Leave a comment on my blog and maybe win the yarn. That might cheer you up a little. I like Playlist.com You’ve got some great stuff on yours.

  2. tanyadiva · June 12, 2010

    Thanks, Susan, I just entered. Zauerball, WOWERBALL!

  3. Toni R. · June 14, 2010

    We just got back from Vegas. I actually found a Kenny Rogers slot machine. I gave it some money for you, in fact I told the machine if it did give me money it wasn’t for me. Kenny Rogers does not love me as much as he loves you, I did not win a thing. I’m sorry. We did have a good time though, ate a couple of really good meals. I had many delicious lemon drops. I am really tired.

    • tanyadiva · June 17, 2010

      There are no words to express my joy that you actually found a Kenny machine. Sometimes, Kenny gives (I won a lot on him at Circus Circus) and sometimes, he taketh. So, it’s a GAMBLE!

  4. Toni R. · June 17, 2010

    I found THREE machines, but we just picked one. None of the slot machines were being particularly generous on this trip.

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