My menagerie

I am truly suffering from the mother of all upper back pains, both right and left shoulders (trapezius areas) are affected. This has been an ongoing problem, and I blame:
1) the couch
2) the bed
3) knitting
4) the bewbs

So I’m not doing much. Yesterday I went to the eye doctor again, and am glad to report my (left) eye infection is clearing up. Believe me, when you hear the term “mucus balls” applied to your eye, you squirm.

Is this TMI? I am sorry. I am home making love to a heating pad tonight while my husband jaunts off to a Silversun Pickups concert. Now, to be fair, at the last minute I found out I could attend, but it’s outside in the plus 90 degree heat and humidity, and I’m not a superfan. So I’m staying home. Today, I went to the library and turned in my volunteer application. Let’s see if I can get rejected for volunteerism, too!

In happier news, I’ve been accepted for my third year in a row (with my partner) for vendorship at Stitch Rock. My only fear is I have TOO MUCH merchandise this year. As you know, I scour out vintage pins for accoutrement, and thought I’d show some. I am particularly attracted to butterflies, but an owl (oh, how the hipsters will QUAKE!) and a peacock snuck in:

The picking has been slim on animals lately, so I get inanimate objects d’art as well.:

Speaking of owls, if you have the Netflix, I highly recommend a film called The Owl and The Sparrow. It is beautiful and lovely and about the best damned thing I’ve seen in a dogs age. Get it.

Obviously, that is a small Vietnamese child with an elephant, and neither an owl, nor a sparrow. But you get the general idea.

Don’t you?



  1. Gina · June 17, 2010

    Those pins are fantastic! I hope the eye heals with super speed. Yeah, mucus ball just isn’t a pretty term — for any part of the human anatomy.

    • tanyadiva · June 17, 2010

      Thanks, babe!

  2. amy · June 17, 2010

    oh no… back pain be gone!

    i just wanted to let you know i am not ignoring your email! these weekend markets are throwing off my whole schedule and then i just needed a few mental health days. a response is coming soon!


    • tanyadiva · June 17, 2010

      Amy, I know you are busy – I wish we had such a vibrant scene down here, it is only semi-vibrant! You will get back to me at your pace. As I said, no rush, I am holding the materials with you in mind, and am in NO HURRY. S’good!

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