Oh, hai

OMG, I don’t post anymore. I’m so sorry, I just work, come home, watch bad TV and sleep. Forgive me?

If you’re my friend on the awful, awful Facebook, you’ve already seen these, but I wanted to show the photos of the kitty quilt my mom made me for my birthday. Please, to enjoy?

I really wanted to show this - the little message on the reverse side of the quilt, with the mouse.

Gosh, that wasn’t so hard. Why did I wait so long? Oh wait, I know. MY HUSBAND NEVER LETS ME USE THE COMPUTER!!!! I really don’t even fight it anymore.

Okay, now for something COMPLETELY different. I keep seeing this movie trailer for Legend of the Guardians, some animated claptrap about epic OWLS. I am not kidding! It’s like some hipster’s acid fever dream! I mean, you know how every time you go to the Etsy front page you see owls? I know!

Anyway, here it is. I want to get really high or drunk and see this. I mean really high or drunk.



  1. Gina · September 7, 2010

    The quilt is absolutely the sweetest thing ever. I love the tag your mother attached. It is a true treasure!

    I’ve got relative visiting this week, so speaking via phone this week won’t work, but how about next Sunday or Monday, depending on your schedule?

  2. amy · September 7, 2010

    this is so sweet! i didn’t know your birthday was right near mine!

    i’ve been meaning to write to tell you how much i love my scarf. truly… i love, love, love!


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