I admit it: I am ashamed of where I work. I am ashamed when people I knew in a previous life keep coming in and recognizing me. And I can’t talk about it with my husband, because he just doesn’t understand. Do you?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Maybe you think I’m just fortunate to have a shit retail job. Maybe if I had more drive I could have found something better after 17 months of unemployment, I don’t know. All I know now is that I am so exhausted I can’t function. Yep, another six-day work week. I’m going in today in about an hour, and tomorrow, too. I can barely stand on the bloody stumps that are my feet.

I went in yesterday and was actually functioning fine, when someone called my name. I had no idea who the woman was, but sure enough, it turned out to be someone I went to high school with. I still didn’t know who she was when she said that, so I did my usual, “I think you have me confused with someone else, I just moved here from Las Vegas.”

Can you believe I would do that? Well, I do. And after I started thinking for a while, I remembered her, albeit vaguely. She was someone who I think was much more popular than me, but I’m not sure. I remember one night when I went to the fair, she was there and wanted to hang out with me, and that had shocked me. But I did, and didn’t tell her the rides made me sick. So I tortured myself riding all the pukey rides, and managed to keep my vomit down.

And then she didn’t talk to me the next week in school. Yeah, I remember that night, for some reason.

Anyway, enough with the pity party. Here are some recent knit pictures before I go…

This is the Ether Overskirt, and pattern I test knit for Beth Hahn, who has a lovely series of books HERE. It was tough work, but I think the skirt came out beautifully.

I also finally finished the Multnomah shawl, which my husband kindly provided the yarn for back in July. I wore it last night and I have to say I’m pleased with this simple pattern – the yarn, Alpaca With a Twist’s Pima Cotton and Silk, is a winner:

Thank you for listening to me bitch. The Phoenix show in Miami was awesome this week, btw – incredible light show and Thomas Mars crowd surfed.

I would expect no less from Sophia Coppola’s main man and baby daddy!

Have a wonderful Halloween, everyone. I’m thinking of wearing my Bauhaus “Undead” T-shirt to work tomorrow. It’s important to send a message whilst celebrating holidays, don’t you think?


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  1. Gina · November 2, 2010

    I love the Las Vegas line. I’m going to steal that. I think we’re both lucky to have work, however, we both know that retail hell is beyond comprehension to those who have not worked it. It’s deceptive — it’s very tiring.

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