What hairdressers are good for…

Hey, it’s November and I am posting! Look, after a particularly wretched week last week, I’m trying to regroup.

First, some photos of new stuff I put up at Etsy…

Autumn leaf lace collar

Shimmer grey cabled headband

Twisting Vines Butterfly explosion hat

So there you go: these were things I made for the show at the last minute that didn’t sell. Maybe someone will do some Etsy Christmas shopping?

I always put the pretty pictures up before the bitching. Needless to say, I hate my job, I question my life choices, blah blah blah. They have me working a bunch of night shifts now, or rather, the fat ugly asst. manager does. Bitch. She can choke on it. There’s more to the story but I’ll leave it there.

And to make matters wonderful, we have a couple of big booksignings coming up, namely Bill O’Reilly this Friday. Just, no.
I have come to terms with it, and the hundreds of people who have already express an interest in coming/queueing up. It doesn’t mean I’m HAPPY about it, but I’ve accepted it. One of my co-workers is so mad he’s slamming shit around all day, and gave this immortal comment today: “A bunch of scumbags coming in to see a bigger scumbag.”

I’ll leave at that.

And I’ve been so depressed I just break down crying at the drop of a hat. So when I went to see my beloved hairdresser Nancy on Monday, I just lost it. We were alone, as we sometimes are, and I broke down in tears of frustration. But she listened to me, cheered my up, and let me know bad shit happens to her, to, like the company that took her for $300 of product and sent shoes instead. Shoes.


I guess I’m sucking it up as best I can, folks. In cheerier (?) news, I’m now following cleanup guy Matt from the show Hoarders on Twitter.

It’s come to that.



  1. Gina · November 11, 2010

    I’m glad to see a post from you. I’m also very glad that we spoke last week. Let’s try to do that more frequently.

    I spent 5+ hours job-hunting today, and that yielded a mere 8 online applications. This process is a very tedious one, regardless of how much you’ve tweaked a resume template, blahblahblah.

    This may give you a laugh — I once had a strange celebrity crush on Bill O’Reilly. I think it has something to do with an odd attraction/repulsion problem I had for a few years. Please do not hate me for this admission/confession.

  2. Susan · November 11, 2010

    Maybe this will cheer you up:

    Really nice things for your Etsy shop. I’ll bet they go fast.

    I shouldn’t beat a dead horse, but I can’t believe anybody would stand on line to see that shithead O’Reilly. Unless it’s to puke on his book. I’d PAY to see that.

  3. Bonnie · November 29, 2010

    Sorry to hear you are still having a hard time. But honestly, who wouldn’t? Cry it out and remember that things will get better.

    In the meantime, try to survive your encounter with right leaning soccer moms and tea party-ites. Best leave all sharp objects or anything that can be used as a weapon at home. The guy is a total blowhard asshat who stirs things up to make money and achieve fame. What a noble goal.

    • tanyadiva · November 30, 2010

      Bonnie, is that you down Costa Rica way? Looks like your e-mail has changed, but it SOUNDS like you!

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