I was never a big fan….

But I always liked this song and even more, video. I can’t get it out of head, lately. Maybe it was the randomness of the images, or maybe it’s just that I was a teenager.


Yes, I know I look fat.

Because I am! But I’ve started cutting some bad foods and started walking, so we’ll see if I can drop these insidious 25 lbs.

Photos from Odd Duck! With my amazing partner Marce, who of course looks like a model.

Had fun even though it was hot, hot, hot. All my stuff is cotton, but you know how people are in Florida! Looking forward to Stitch Rock in
October – hard to believe this will be our fourth year vending there. If I could manage to do this all the time, full time, I would do it in a minute.

Hope to freshen up the blog this week, wish me luck as I laze away!

Old fart

I hate this music the young kids like today. Here’s one of my favorite songs and videos of all time. Love the sense of isolation and danger.

I’m on vacation until next Saturday, hell yes. I wish I never had to go to that place again.

Maybe I’ll blog more this week????