Yes, I know I look fat.

Because I am! But I’ve started cutting some bad foods and started walking, so we’ll see if I can drop these insidious 25 lbs.

Photos from Odd Duck! With my amazing partner Marce, who of course looks like a model.

Had fun even though it was hot, hot, hot. All my stuff is cotton, but you know how people are in Florida! Looking forward to Stitch Rock in
October – hard to believe this will be our fourth year vending there. If I could manage to do this all the time, full time, I would do it in a minute.

Hope to freshen up the blog this week, wish me luck as I laze away!



  1. JelliDonut · April 12, 2011

    You and the word “fun” in the same sentence–I like that A LOT.

  2. Gina · April 12, 2011

    You sound more upbeat! I hope this show energized you. I’m sure the vacation did as well.

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